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Survivors who have excelled

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Growing up a childhood cancer survivor I never felt that my cancer defined me, or made me different than other people.  This belief was largely instilled in me by my Mother, who probably did not want people treating me different from other children, but as I have gotten older I have researched more on childhood cancer, and it seems that everything is so negative in relation to long term survival.  According to all the research we are more prone to secondary conditions from our treatments, relapses, or psychological issues, but where are all the positive articles on survivorship. For the life of me, I do not believe any child can overcome such a tramatic event in their lives without some type of positive growth, and was curious if others have the same opinion.  I mean where are the success stories of people that have overcome their illnesses to become productive, if not overly productive members of society.

Anyway, as a childhood cancer survivor I was curious if others have that same opinion.  I am happy to discuss on this thread or you may email me at mortensonw@gmail.com if you would rather talk about it one-on-one.

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