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24 year stage 4 survival.

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I  just had another  colonoscopy,no results yet. I have had many ailments over the years, but I have survived.

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   How are you going? Last time I spoke with you I think you were having some heart problems. I think that you and I must be amongst the last of the levamisole sufferers still around. It seems with every year of survival comes another auto immune disease. I have a/i nephrotic syndrome, a/i hepatitis/a/i arthritis , severe neuropathy (suspected a/i) and type two diabetes from too much prednisone. My blood pressure fluctuates between hi and lo and I have around 11,000 premature atrial and ventricular beats a day. Apart from that I am very well.I make it to 20 yrs ca free in just under a month. You remain my alltime hero for survival having done it in rural New Zealand. People often ask me the secret of survival. I always give the same answer nowdays, sometimes we do survive. Merry Christmas and good scope results .I had 4 tubular adenomas last scope (in April) the largest 11 mm. All had mild displaysia bu no cancer. Tke care . Hugs Ron.

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Wow, Ron.  I am so happy to hear that you have been cancer free for 20 years.  My husband has stage 4 colon cancer.  What type advice could you offer for him??  It has been a struggle for him.  He found out about his cancer right before his 50th birthday.  



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I live for stories like this.  My husband has stage 4 colon CA, just finished his 8th chemo tx; side effects are tolerable and he is responding well to the treatments. We know it's not curable but will be happy/ecstatic to live with it.  I can't think of life without him. Thank you both for posting and prayers for your continued well being. Mary

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How your husband now? Stage iv what were PET findings

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My husband is doing well.  His initial CEA was close to 1600 and now 588. His scans show all areas are getting smaller.  He has three more treatments to go, then more scans and then they will see what to do next.  I'm expecting radiation for the liver and maybe oral chemo?  He has not been back to work since this started in September and is thinking of going back at the end of February after the last tx (he gets Avastin, 5FU and something else).  He feels tired the weekend of treatment and the first three days after being unhooked from the 5FU are touch and go.  Sometimes he feels really lousy and twice he felt good, usually he is just tired and has an upset stomach.  Mouth soreness has been bothering him occasionally and cold sensitivty.  Aside from the 3 post chemo days,  he continues to do pretty physical home renovations and stays active. His appetite is not what it was but he is doing okay eating, I would like it if he would put on a couple lbs.  He never had a PET scan, his Dr. says that he can obtain all he needs to know from CT scans at this point (also, insurance companies are stingy with approving PET scans).  My husband's original tumor is in his ascending colon, don't know when they will remove it. Mets include liver, lung and peritoneum. Lung and peritoneum don't seem to much of an issue but he has approx. ten spots on his liver. I don't know if this is alot, if they are near each other, if he is a candidate for  resection. I know his liver function studies are normal. Well I'd better stop my rambling and sign off; let's hope we all do as well as these long term survivors.

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Lily Flower
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Congratulations foxy. You and Ron are both long time survivors and should give hope to all of us. 

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Always love your updates. Such a motivation for those in treatment, and those of us who are out the other side, and wishing for the same longevity. 

I think your news deserves a special little running around man (My usual little dancing man seems to have danced himself into cyber space). 

running around emoticon  


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That is awesome.  Thank you so much for posting on the board and letting everyone know that you are a true survivor.  Wishing you continued blessings and long life ahead.  What a great story you have shared. 


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So inspiring.  

Wishing you continued good health in 2018. 

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THank you for your post!! I am 2 years stage 4 and you are giving me hope for 20 more!!

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I am in treatment for stage 4. Thank you for the hope!

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Joan M
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Thank you so much for sharing news of your continued health! 

It brings hope to me and others that are waiting to be declared NED, or to survive for years beyond the prognosis of 6 to 18 months when diagnosed at stage IV.  

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