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Bowel problems still after 3 years off chemo

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Just wondering if there is anyone who still has bowel problems years after surgery and radiation and chemo.  I am 3 years cancer free but still have a lot of bowel problems.  I get runny stools at times that I cannot control and have to be careful going out.  It comes on some days and other days I am okay.  Cannot seem to figure out the foods causing this, but not sure it is even food.  Such a pain.  I swim laps and have to make sure I am okay before going.

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It was 8 yrs ago that I was Dxed. By August of 2010 I was NED and have been ever since.  But still have problems with diarrhea.  My new "normal"

is somewhat inconveinient but it sure beats the alternative!!  Happy holiday one and all!

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I call them 'Bathroom mornings' because its mostly in the mornings. And, this morning was no exception. 

I knew it was going to happen today though, because it was my birthday yesterday and I got together with my sils and we ate and ate and ate, none of it was good. I paid the price. 

Most of my problems are the result of the Radiation. Like Danker, I see it as a new norm, even though I know I can help make some of it a little easier with better food choices.

Its the price we pay. 

Happy Christmas and/or Season's greetings!


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It makes me feel better to know there are others out there.  I never know when the diaherra might hit.  I do know a half hour before usually.  I know I can't eat a lot of stuff and best if I eat half of what is given me at a time.  Sometimes hard to do.  Merry Christmas - 

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