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Popping on to say hello.

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Hello to everyone who is on from my time period especially those still fighting.  I used to pop on more but a lot of times people pulling up the old posts would send me into a depression.  Even now I just saw one and all of those names just make me so sad.  I miss some of the old friends dearly.  Even with their struggles, the late night sessions really helped keep me going.  What are you doing this weekend Fridays, pictures from vacations.  It really did help when you were trapped in bed miserable, having a panic attack or just wondering how this could possibly be your life.   It's been a hard 5 years with many painful post cancer issues that are permanent but as long as I'm cancer free, I'm moving forward.  Knock on wood that it continues.  Love to all, Helen

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Hey Helen, it is wonderful to see you whenever you decided to pop on by.

I loved Pepe's weekend threads. Someone should start something non-cancer, for a lift. 


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So good to see you and hope you are still hanging tough. They always say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You and I know what a load of c*** that is  but we do survive. In exactly one month I will be out to 20 years. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones ,Love Ron.

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That's a great milestone.

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I am going to just chill out this weekend.  Starting an exercise program next week that is pretty structured, so being lazy for a few days ;)  Meeting a friend, who had moved out of town, for dinner since back in town for the holidays.  We have shared a similar time-line in all of this and went through it together in many respects.

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Nice to hear from you Helen, it is hard to "hear" the names and thoughts of those who shared their lives here, and now are silent, it makes it even more meaningful to have the survivors stop by............................Dave

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So glad to see your post.  Glad that you are doing well.  I'm still posting but I've moved on too.  Still like to come on the boards just to see what's going on.  Thanks for letting us know you are doing well.  So good to see your post.


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I too haven't been on much.  For me, it's been 10 years and 5 surgeries and there's just not much to say anymore.  I'm still here and trying to have a normal life in between recurrences.  It's good to see Helen, Ron, Sue, Annabelle, taansfli, and some of the other long time posters.  Have a wonderful 2018 everyone!  Cheers, Traci

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I hope you never see another recurrance, but I hope we still see you here. 

Here's to 10 + 10 + 10 + more years. 


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Everytime you post I'm always thinking how much that is such a lovely picture and it always brings a smile to my face.  I'm so glad that you've posted to let us know you are here and checking in.  I'm wishing you the best 2018 ever.  10 years is great.

Hugs to you!  Kim

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Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year).  I too have taken a LONG break from the board.  I see all new faces so I just had to respond on this thread with all the old timers.  I’ve been NED since my original surgery (stage 3A) and the dreaded chemo regime. I consider myself very lucky to have only feet neuropathy as proof of my cancer.  To all the newbies, I just want to say: stay strong and never lose hope.  There is a light at the end of the journey.  Life is beautiful and worth every bit of the humbug you’re going through right now and pretty soon you’ll look back and count yourself as a SURVIVOR.  To all you oldies, glad to see you again.


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Cheers to 2018. May the new year be filled with Love and Fun amidst any trials and tribuLatinos. :-)

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Hi Helen! I've missed your posts, I'm glad you're doing well!


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ahhh how lovely is it to see some of the old gang?  well done girl.....keep going.....sending love...mags

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Newbie here! Happy New Year and thank you for stopping back in! It's really important that those who are surviving and doing well give others hope and inspiration!! We appreciate it. Not everyone gets trampled by this horror of a disease.. we need to stay positive and hear from more survivors!! Thank you!!


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so nice to see/read you again.

A big hug to you and all the other "oldtimers" here. And a welcoming hello to all the new ones.

Petra from Germany

(husband dx 11/2011 Stage 4 and still NED today)

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so glad you popped in - great encouragement !

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