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A question about lung cancer

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First of all my prayers and heart goes out to everyone battling this monster...I have recently been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. And am going to have it remover soon...it’s in the beginning stages thank my lucky stars for that.. my father had prostate cancer and now I have it....my father seemed to over come prostrate cancer which I think he came down with at52 or53..then at 68 he came down with lung cancer and only lasted  4 months or so ...I know that prostrate cancer can be hereditary as well as quite a few other cancers but I can’t reallyy find a definitive yes to lung cancer being hereditary...my father did smoke all his life as well...guess what I am asking is if anyone knows for a fact that lung cancer can be hereditary and is their a gene test I could take to find out if I am at risk...thanks sooo much and may God bless us all as well as caregivers 

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Sorry for your concern.
By the nature of the disease, any cancer can be hereditary. But genetics of a cancer is not one to one - same mutation not necessarily causes cancer across all family members who carry it, cancer can easily skip one generation and can show up again in the next, cancer in two persons in two generations is not necessarily genetic, and so on. Besides, unless you have evidence against it, your father's lung cancer could be due to metastasis from prostate. So before reaching a conclusion, I would recommend to get a genetic counseling.
Hope this helps.
Happy Holidays!

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thank u i will look into for peace of mind  and for maybe doint the right things to prevent it...unfortunately my father did not have trhe prostrate removed and to tell u the truth i dont even think there was alot of follow up visits  soo u may be right on that but i will still look into genetics...thanks for the knowledge  and suggestion...may god bless u and happy holidays

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Steve, if you get a cough (even a mild one) that won't go away say after about a month, try to get your doctor to order a chest x-ray.  But don't let a cough linger on for long.  That's one good way to stay on top of this, since early detection is so important.  You didn't say how long ago your dad passed, but all kinds of new treatments are being made available.  God bless.

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My dad died from Lung Cancer, my mom had it and I have it.  This is not the time to screw around. Chemo is kind of ugly, radiation is telling your body that you don't need to eat.  Radiation kills taste buds. Even my cinnamin frosted flakes don't taste too good anymore.  However, I can eat steak and that tastes better now than ever.  I eat Filet Mignon every day and since that is the only thing that I eat everyday, I can afford it.  I have tried everything, well except for Iams dog food. 

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