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Enlarged Neck Lymph Node

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Hi, I've been a member of this group for a few months since i started my evaulation process for a swollen neck lymph node (submandibular) on the left side. I've had blood work, so much blood work, every time its perfect. I've had a bone marrow biopsy, nothing in the bone marrow, I've had a CT Scan, it showed 2 small nodes on my lung, but they're not concerned about them because they're only measuring 6mm. I've had a FNA of the Lymph Node, it was reactive and the only markers that came back 100 positive were the C45, C19 and C20. I've had a colonoscopy because of rectal bleeding, that came back normal. I was recently admitted into the hospital for emergency surgery about 2 months ago for a 5cm cyst that was on my ovary, it came out of nowhere, i just had the CT done 2 weeks prior and it wasn't there. I lost my right ovary because it was tangled in the ovary. This all started about 6 months ago. And since I've been so stressed just wanting them to tell me i'm fine, or there's something wrong. I just had my follow up UltraSound of the node in my neck and its bigger, only by 1 cm, but now they are having me do an UltraSound guided Biopsy on tuesday so they can do a Thyroglobulin washout to look for thyroid cancer in the specimen. I just feel like this seems a little extreme, has anyone else undergone such extensive testing? And if so, at the end of it was everything okay or were they right in doing all this testing to find there really was a tumor or cancer somewhere causing the lymph nodes to enlarge.

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