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what over the counter pain med are ok

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I been off line a little.  I went back to work last week, and been getting caught back up to speed. It feels good to get back.  But I am still get tired easily, and when i get home I dont feel like doing much. I picked up a bug my kids brought home from school.  What can we take for pain or flu like symptoms.  For those who lost the whole kidney. I know I heard no ibuprofen. Any tips would be great. So, I go for my first set of  CT scans chest and stomach with contrast since surgery is next week a. My oncologist has me set up for a hydration before and after. Is the the typical way to have it done all the time. Prayering for great result to start the new.

Thanks, I hope everyone has a MerryXmas.



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I was told acetaminophen for pain. For cold symptoms over the counter meds is what Dr recommended. Its just the worst when people who are sick come to work or school instead of staying home and spreading their problems to yourself and family. Was in Costco yesterday and a small child sneezed right on the candy dish of free candy the representative was handing out. Two minutes later my wife walks up saying how good the candy is!!! I hope you bounce back so you can enjoy Christmas with your family, you have earned it this year.

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Retcenturion, I am feeling better today thanks. This is that crazy season.

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I was told no ibuprophen. Hmmm. Never heard about the hydration thing, but not a bad idea lol


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True NO NSAIDS if you have one kidney? Not sure if you had a partial if its allowed.

Don't forget ICE=natural, quick pain reliever.

And Tylenol for arthritis is a bit stronger, slow release over 8 hours helps.


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