Flt3 mutation

demps2bm Member Posts: 2

my wife has aml, which is obviously one of the worst of cancers (If not the worst). She is even more impacted by this terrible, terrible illness by a flt3 mutation.  She is being treated at the karmanos center in Detroit and has undergone both induction chemo and a stem cell transplant.  Neither worked.  The stem cell lasted about 130 days (guess — does it matter?).  Anyway, karmanos has a study with a glt3 mutation drug but my wife was randomized out of the study drug.  She received the salvage chemo which the doctor does not believe will work.  Anyway, I live in Michigan and we have a right to try law.  I am going to write the compassion officer of the company and beg them to give her the flt3 inhibitor drug  

Has anyone had experience doing this?  Our doctor has also discussed sending her to Md Anderson, which has more studies than the local hospitals (karmanos and u of Michigan).   The goal is to get her strong enough to travel.  But if I could get the flt3 medicine for the study she could avoid the travel.  Suggestions?