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6month test and check up

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I am still a newbie always reading post. I posted myself back about 6 months ago on some cyst/lesions found on left kidney by accident. I was told i had 3) 2 that we’re simple cyst and 1 complex lesion filled with hemorrhag/proteinaceous debri that was 5.5mm. I just had my 6 month re-check. The lesion they are worried about has grown from 5.5mm to 1.3cm and the ultrasound says milk of calcium. The only thing the doctor could tell us is that he doesn’t think it’s cancer, but we will check it again in 6 months. I of course am freaking out since I don’t think is good enough answer. I want a yes or a no. i fear 6 months a lot could happen. Anyone have any thoughts I sure could use some. 

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One thing you can do:  find a second opinion from an appropriate specialist.  

Ask your doc whether another type of test -- other than the ultrasound which you have had -- would add confidence to the current conclusion that this is not cancer.  Many people find their early-stage kidney cancer after a CT scan has been done for some other reason.  Perhaps a CT scan will help put you at ease.

Kidney cancer, when caught early, can be treated with a high degree of success.  Obviously, the sooner it's caught, the better.  So, you are doing good to keep an eye on it and you've been blessed by the fact that these cysts were accidentally found at such an early stage of development.  However, knowing that there is even a possibility of cancer can easily become a big worry.  You need to fight that reflex to worry.

If I were you, I would seek out a second opinion from a specialist.  Ask if a CT scan would add anything to the confidence which can be placed on the "wait and see" decision.  Ask for as frequent of a follow up interval which can be justified.  After that, you will find that, with time, your fears will subside.  You will still be wary of the cancer possibility, but you will be able to relax a bit.

I'm no doctor, but, even if you would have the beginnings of cancdr on your kidney (which your doctor is telling you is unlikely), I don't believe that it will grow to unmanageable proportions in just a couple of months.  I don't believe that kidney cancer is that way.  It wasn't for me, anyway.  

Be thankful for the fact that the cysts were found early on and that they are easily monitored in an effective manner.  Don't fret about the possible worst case scenario.  Don't waste your time with unnecessary worries.  Do what you can to monitor it.  That's all you need to do. 


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A couple of thoughts. Make sure your doctor is a Urologist who  sspecializes in Kodne Cancer. Ask for a CT scan if you have not already had one. Check the availability of a second opinion. While srgery will get rid af the little buggar, it is nothing to rush into prematurely.




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what it is, go someplace where they can tell you. Or risk your life and wait.

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I went for a 2nd opinion and it saved my life. Bottom line....you deserve to know 100% what is in your body. Good luck!

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