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5th round on the 21st.

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so I have my 5th round of chemo on the 21st. I am so fatigued now. What will it be like after the 5th. Does I.t. just get harder? After round 4 I just slept most of the time for 4-5 days.

Does the chemo dose go up each time? Brain fog gets really bad when I am fatigued. I am on the normal Folfox treatment plan.

Any help is appreciated.

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Your medication dosages should be in your hospital portal so changes should be reflected there. the dosage should be based on body surface area but I think that they base it on height and weight.

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Some chemos are based on your weight, others on your surface area as factored by your height/weight.  I learned this when I had a massive chemo overdose (a nurse put my body temp in as my weight for my first chemo.  I never weighed close to 98kg - 215 lbs!)  However, once they determine your chemo dosage, it should remain the same; they won't increase, but they might decrease it.  Mine was corrected for my second and subsequent treatments, and I always checked my chemo bags after the first treatment with the HUGE mistake to ensure that I'm getting the proper dosage.

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it makes me sad that you are so tired. just sending my support, sleeping promotes healing but it is frustrating to be laid up.


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It ain’t easy. I had neuropathy after 3rd dose of folfox, dose was deacreased, neuropathy went away. At that point I new that neuropathy will come back, and it did, after 8th dose of folfox, my therapy was switched to xeloda pills.

Weakness , foggy mind, blurry vision , tiredness, shortness of breath with any activity, all of that came along more and more after each chemo. There were days where I couldn’t get out of the house. But if one wants to have a better chance of being cancer free, eight doses is must. Some people even manage to get in 12 doses of folfox.

After 10 doses of chemo, every thing was out of normal, blood results, my spleen was swollen, my body was full of chemo, basiclly was coming out of my ears.

Two months after, I am back of being myself again, going to gym, drinking a lot’s of water so my body gets flashed, active, blood work is normal.

During chemo my apetite was good, so I managed to put on 6 kg’s, working on that issue now. My mind is better, not as good as prior to, but getting there.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks! My third round was this week. Today was my disconnect from the take home chemo. I was so tired since last night. I have lesions on my liver to remove. Since it spread, I don't feel I have the option to do anything less than the 12 rounds my oncologist has for me. I keep telling myself that this is a small blip in time, and when it is over, l get my life back. You did it, so maybe I will too!

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It's going to be cumulative.  The further it goes in treatment the more you react.  You should let your doctor know your concerns and how you feel.  If you don't like the answer to some questions you ask then be assertive.  My doctor didn't listen to me when my hands and feet were burning and then I didn't push it anymore - I'm sorry that happened because I'd be better off if I'd spoken more loudly.  Sorry you are feeling so ill at this point but it is expected.  Hope you feel better soon.


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Make sure you get some fresh air every single day, even if it means sitting or (in this weather) standing outside for a w hiule. 

I tried to go for little walks - and I mean little, by the end - I used a walker, and truly, I must have looked 100 years old. Thinning hair, bend over. My walker had a little seat, and I would plonk down on it, if one of those rushing fatigue moments hit me.  

I will confess though, by the end of chemo, I wasn't going out too far at all and I kinda wished I had pushed myself more. 

Anyway, just a little fresh air on your face. We have snow, so if you have snow, I would be cautious if it affects your walking. 


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Over the exhaustion. It’s so easy to Be frustrated but don’t let it get you down  Listen to your body. Rest as you need too.  This won’t last forever and once you’re offf the chemo your energy will return, slowly but it will. 

And Tru is right fresh air helps...

hang in there. 


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Hi Ree...I just finished #6 out of initial 8 chemos...also on Folfox regimen...I come home with a pump for 2 days and usually feel the worst on pump removal day. I take a short nap when needed but have to say I have tolerated treatment fairly well...everyone

is different...talk to your Oncologist and let him/her know your concerns...you describe extreme fatigue which is an issue...my Dr. tweeked my meds few wks ago and I feel better now...no vomiting or diarrhea...nausea is mild and manageable...push myself to eat those first 3 days and have managed to maintain my wt...are you eating and getting enough fluids? So important to stay hydrated to help flush your body of these harsh medicines...hopefully sleep us not winning out over drinking and eating. Stay positive and know the treatment will lead to a cure and that this is temporary. I feel treatment is helping as I now have normal BMs too...hang in there...I hope you can manage your side effects which is vital to forging ahead and completing treatment...take care and wishing you the best! 

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I rested most of the day today and did a little work. I am exhausted no. I am eating just half as much as normal. I am drying essentia water and I.t. has helped over other water.

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That product sounds interesting. I do hope that your energy levels bounce back.

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