Thankful for time.

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I don't come out hear often but felt the need today.  5 years ago this next week I had my first chemo treatment.  I was terrified, of the treatment, of the prognosis and if  or how I would live through it all.  I did not even think I would be here today given what the Dr.s all said.  But apparently God has more planned than they do for me.  My original diagnosis was 2010 and not correct so not treated correctly so had a recurrence that almost killed me while under the care of the original GYN oncologist.    I am thankful for my Dr. and MDAnderson and they have helped me to have a good 5 years since I was diagnosed correctly by them and treated.  This gift of time that they have managed to give has been such a blessing and taught me so much about myself and how loving, wonderful and giving God is to us.  I want to believe that I will have 5 more years but if not, I have tried to make the most of what I have had.  To those of you who have just been diagnosed, don't lose faith and there is much to be said about keeping a good attitude and how it will affect you and your treatment.  To those of you who were here before me I thank you for the many word of encouragement you have given me that helped to prop me up and the needed lift to my attitude when necessary.  I am thankful for each of you too.  As the holidays approach and we all are allowed to be here for them I wish you each health, recovery, peace, love, happiness and the time here on this earth to enjoy them all for as long as you can.  Don't give up the fight.  Remember our job in this fight is easy, all we have to do is stay alive long enough for them to find the cure for us.  God bless you all.    


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    What an inspiring story.  It

    What an inspiring story.  It defanatly brings hope. Thanks for coming back and sharing. 

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    Thank you LesaC

    Thanks for giving us hope...and for the wishes...

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    MD Anderson

    If you are comfortable, can you share how many different treatments you had over this period of time in the spirit of "never give up hope!" Also if you are comfortable who was your doctor at MD Anderson and were you in a clinical trial?  I spent 6 months this year (after traditional chemos in 2016-17 were not effective) in a clinical trial at MD Anderson and loved my Dr. (Coleman) and research team. Unfortunately, I was released for new growth in Sept. that exceeded the trial protocols and there was nothing at the time I qualified for to continue at MD Anderson. Currently, I trek to NYC and Memorial Sloan Kettering. No results yet. But I am mentally prepared to be ready to find yet another option in the New Year, largely because of the don't give up attitude that is prevalent on this board.