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Mom was diagnosed with Peritoneal Cancer

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Hi, my mom was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer in November and had her first chemo treatment December 14th.  She did really well, but started going downhill Saturday (which we were told would happen).  Now, she has pain in her stomach.  Is this considered the "bone pain" that comes with Neulasta or is this the chemo killing the cancer in her stomach?  What can she do to ease her pain? She is taking Claritin but nothing else.  Should she call her dr?  This is very new to us...


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I hope your mom is doing better now.  Just saw your post.  definitely talk to the doctor if there is a lot of pain.  The first time my pain from neulasta was so bad I ended up in the hospital, so we didn't continue the neulasta.  that was 3 years ago,  so last year when I neededit again,  they told me to take the clariton and ibuprophen,  that definitely helped with the bone pain.  I don't think it causes abdominal pain.  hope she got some help.  I am in my 3rd round of chemo,  almost 3 years since diagnosis and still staying ahead of the cancer.

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