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Newly diagnosed...

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My husband was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with stage 4 bladder cancer. No "urinary" symtoms at all, just stomach pain that we spent a few months trying to figure out with diferent docs. Lymph node involvement shows up on the PET scan and possibly a spot on his hip. We have 2 rounds of chemo under our belt and Im just wondering what clinics are the best for treatment? Ive read about the clinics in Germany and Austria. Has anyone had luck with them? This is super scary...Help...?

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Hi Joy....Old post but I am writing in the off chance you still check. 1,552 people read this and NO replies??? I thought this was a support place! I have not gotten responses either. I know that a lot can happen in the amount of time since you posted....I hope things have gone as well as they can. If you read this, please respond. I am trying to reach out to people on here who have gotten no replies. I'm here! :) Blessings to you .....KatWink

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