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A Holiday update

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Donna Faye
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It was one year ago today that I was told I had UPSC and was headed for surgery, chemo and radiation. They failed to mention the high risk for blood clots. So off I went into 2017 with a lot on my mind. Waited until after Christmas to break the news to family and friends.

Had some bad times but as I reflect, it was not too bad considering I am 77 years young! But the best part is that on Dec. 13,2017, I am finally all done with treatments - off Lovenox after 398 shots 2/day for 6 months! 

My family and friends were so supportive and we have been celebrating all this week. Best Christmas present ever. 

So all you dear, dear ladies on this post, thank you for your support! Wherever you are in your cancer journey, may every day be better and may you never lose hope. May the sun shine on you and the rain be gentle. 

As we look to 2018, may new and better cures be found and may each of us know the joy of wellness for as much of the time as possible.

Love, peace and goodwill to all.



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Amen, sister.

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I told you you could do it. Have a wonderful Christmas 

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thank you for the heartfelt message.  I'm a newbie.  What you have written is so inspirational.Cool

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It's so good to hear you have finished your treatment plan. What a way to wrap up the year.

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Donna Faye
Posts: 430
Joined: Jan 2017

Connie, thanks for your encouragement a year ago. I was not sure if I wanted to do the chemo/radiation as a 1A but you and others made me believe it was the best bet. I am now planning on getting back on my bucket list.

Salty, you can do it and we are all here to support you. Thanks, NTFC !

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Hurray! Here's to many more such years!

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Great Post Donna Faye! So glad you finished treatments. May you dance with NED forever.

Love and Hugs,


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Great news and so glad this holiday will be better for you...

I only had to do Lovenox for one month twice a day so I cannot imagine 6 months of it...for that you get the Needle Queen award....

Merry Christmas!

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I’m with you Donnafaye! Live each day to the fullest and prayers for more successful treatments!

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Im glad you get to celebrate christmas with out treatments. I finished my treatments Nov. Last year and i will tell you it did make for a good christmas. 

Please do celebrate


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Honestly, i can't think of much of a better present than that. Good to read this!

May 2018 be a year of more breakthroughs for cancer in general and endo cancer in particular, including the rare ones. 

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Merry Christmas! You were one of the first people I found on this site with the same diagnosis as me. I was especially careful to move around frequently after chemo to prevent blood clots. For that I thank you! 

My 3 chemos are done as of 12/11 and brachytherapy starts 1/2/18.

Feeling blessed and wishing all you sweet ladies a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


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Donna Faye
Posts: 430
Joined: Jan 2017

So glad my post helped. I am trying to keep my legs pumping every 2 hours now as I do not want a return. Having a wonderful holiday celebrating with family.

So glad we have this site to share and vent when needed!!

May 2018 be wonderful for us all.

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I am a very active person who developed a blood clot .  I am told it is the medication and not the lack of excercise that brought it on.  I had periodic problems with lymphedema after my first year of treatment.  Then, the swelling came back, but no blood clot was discovered.  I wore my compression socks every day and watched out for any problems, but after ecoming sick with the flu, it came back hard.  A month or two later, this was now a blood clot problem.  My question to you is, did you notice additional problems such as fatigue, stiffness, nausea from the condition?  This has knocked me on my butt.

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Donna Faye
Posts: 430
Joined: Jan 2017

Wrote on your site but will also answer specifics here. No, I was feeling great in June after all done, I thought! Had a CT scheduled and scared my son in law to death as he was the radiologist and when he saw 3 lung clots, sent me straight to oncology and they started the Lovenox. Had ultrasound 2 days later and legs were full of clots but I never had any sign except for some charlie horse feeling in legs which Oncology said was lymphdema!!!! I was so mad that I guess that got me through until I could meet with a hematologist. She lifted my spirits and heped me understand the clots. I also saw a counselor for anxiety for 2 sessions and then just bit the bullet and got those shots behind me. Ended 13 Dec. and doc says chances are slim BC will return as I am off cancer drugs and NED. I had so many factors for BC that no one is sure what caused - age? Tamoxifin? chemo? lack of movement?  I do have joint pain and neuropathy in feet, but at my age, that is sort of normal. You will get this behind you, just keep staying in warrior mode!

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I just saw your answer.  Its funny because I had the total opposite problem, I have recurrent UPSC and have been getting chemo so was checked for clots numerous times -always negative!  I do have lymphadema, and wore my sock and put leg up all the tmie. I also had plenty of pain, it hurt behind my knee where the clot is.  Go figure!  The PT says its the chemo, but could have been kick started by prednisone I had to take for my cold, which was the worst I've ever had.  Whatever it was, it surprised me that it was there after a year of similar symptoms.

I am so happy for you that you are NED, my God keep you that way forever.  

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