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port issues

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Kind Les
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I was never a fan of getting a port and I have one. Lately when I go they have trouble getting to draw blood from it and I don't want chemo done in my viens by iv. Is this something that is common? I am told is does happen, but there really is nothing I can do to prevent it. I just like to know if others have it happen to them. The area is healthy looking. Just help me put my mind as ease more about it. 

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She had trouble getting my blood last time. I turned my neck to the right and it worked fine. Also, breathing deep seems to help. I don't turn my neck for the infusion, just the blood draw. 

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I'm fine with them taking blood from my arms if they think it's easier. I had so many blood draws while I was in the hospital for five days that getting an arm draw once every three weeks isn't a big deal anymore.  And yeah, sticking myself every day for three weeks also has me less fearful of needles.

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I've always had the blood drawn from veins vs. port.  Mine didn't produce very good results and my vein was good enough to do a draw because the vein wasn't taking treatment and making it weak.  If you don't mind a blood draw as normal than don't worry about it.  My hospital would charge such an upcharge for medical assistants and nurses for accessing the port it just seemed to be a charge not worthy of access to the port so the vein was fine with me.  It wasn't my favorite thing to do, but neither accessing the port.  Hope it works out for you.


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