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Duvelisib Drug Trial for Refractory T-Cell Lymphomas

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Just thought I would post that my husband started a Phase II Drug Trial yesterday to treat his refractory PTCL-NOS.  The Protocol TItle is Phase II Trial of Duvelisib in Combination with Either Romidepsin or Bortezombid in Relapsed/Refractory T-Cell Lymphomas.

My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2016.  The cancer was aggressive and had spread slightly outside the prostate, so neither the seeds nor surgery were a good option.  He therefore had external beam radiaiton with androgen deprivation therapy (Lupron) for 18 months following radiation.  Thus far, he is still clear of prostate cancer.

In August 2017, a mass of swollen lymph nodes was found in his abdomen between his stomach and his pancreas.  This was diagnosed as PTCL-NOS.  We live in central Massachusetts, so he chose to be treated by a T-Cell cancer expert at Dana Farber Cancer Hospital in Boston.  The long-term treatment plan was (and still is) to get the cancer into complete remission and then perform an autologous stem cell transplant.  He underwent 3 chemotherapy treatments using CHOEP; after the third treatment, a petscan revealed that, although the abdominal mass had been eliminated, there had been no change in infected lymph nodes in the neck, chest, and pelvis.  So the doctor stopped the chemo treatments because he felt they were not working well enough.  

Yesterday, my husband began participating in this drug trial.  It consists of 28 days of taking the pill Duvelisib (which is the trial drug).  If the Duvelisib causes complete remission, then he will stay on it until they are ready to perform the stem cell transplant.  If it does not create complete remission, then he will be treated intravenously once a week with Romidepsin for the next 28 days, in conjunction with the Duvelisib.  

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Let's hope and pray for the best! In the world of T-Cell Lymphomas, it seems that only a very few have an easy journey. However, these combinations of new drugs have produced some very encouraging results.

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