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Scan Results On It Is Back - Growing and Spreading

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Lymph nodes increasing in size and starting to pop up in other places throughout the lung.

Guessing no chemo yet (meet with Oncologist next week), thinking I go another scan or two before that happens.


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I take it that these are quite small at this time which is why the oncologist is holding off on the chemo.

This doesn't sound like the kind of report that you want to get. I hope that the (eventual) chemo can shrink them back down.

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On the lymph node - the larger side is 2.2 cm.  Last report had it as 2.1, but the radiologist reread the last one and the long side was 1.8.  So since the the last report did not trigger chemo (when it looked to be 2.1) and that the radiologist calls this "iminimally increased" from the 1.8, I am guessing no chemo for this.   Last report mentioned only one that was .2 cM which has increased to .3 cM  On the lung nodules, "there are several new sub-centimert nodules," including two specifically mentioned as examples - one is .4 cM, another .2 cM.

So I am guessing chemo still not happening at this time.  Will find out next week.  

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But you can still do well. 

Follow your instincts. Do what you think will help you and then some.

I'm still working on eating the right foods, but I'm weak. You are strong and determind, and that will carry you a long way. 

Food is a tremeous healer, it is also a killer. We just have to get on the right side of it. 

My thoughts are with you. 



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That is discourgaging news but hopefully they can find a resolve to this issue.  Hoping that you can find the right balance with doctor and you and how you proceed.  It's got to be a difficult decision.  Wishing you well.


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I hope the dr can help you make a decision that slows those tumors down! 

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