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Am I overthinking it?

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Surgery is 12/20, doc says it has not spread, and that he can remove just the bad part, but I just wonder once he gets in there if there will be more than meets the eye. I'm sure I'm worried over nothing, but that's just my nature.

BRW , you ALL have been great, this is a wonderful forum!


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Unfortunately there are no guarantees until they do go in there but most likely he's right. And it's natural to worry and overthink it. It's a pretty major thing we all got hit with. All the best to you!

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Bay Area Guy
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As APny says, there are no guarantees.  It sounds like he's doing a robotic partial, since you said he's only going to take out the bad part.  That means he's awfully confident that the robotic is all he's going to need to do.  Best wishes for a very, very boring and uneventful procedure and a speedy recovering.  And you'll be out in time to spend the holidays (gingerly) with your family!

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Thank you all!

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They do not know 100% until they get in there. Rest assured they will do what is best for you and remove all the cancer!!

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