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Scan today

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Good morning all,

I hope everyone is doing well with this fight. I have my yearly scope this morning.

My journey started on May 2004. I was diagnosed with stage ll. Had 6 months chemo. Had a reversal of my bag. Had a recurrance in Jan 2009, just need surgery.

Thru the years I have faced many healh issues, but have always remained positive. My faith in God and my doctors have gotten me thru this so far.

Please keep the faith, stay the course and Never,Ever give up !!!

God blees and Merry Christmas

Warm regards


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Canadian Sandy
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Thank you Bruce. Good luck on your scope.

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    A merry Christmas and wishing you a healthy new year mate. I am still plodding along , if i make it to Jan 22nd I get up my twenty years still cancer free . Regards Ron.

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22 years. That gives me hope. Were you stage 4? I have spread to my liver. My doctors are confident though that those lesions can be removed after they are shrunk a bit. I will do all 12 infusions because, you know, need to make sure any cancer cells not seen are dead too. I had the colon surgery first, now chemo, liver surgery in Jan if they have shrunk enough, then finish up with the chemo.

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That is awesome to be that many years clear.  I'm surprised that after all that time you still have a yearly scope.  I've just had mine this summer and now he cleared me for 5 years out.  Is your's an agressive cancer that you were diagnosed with?  Wishing you well going forward and thank you sharing such wonderful news.


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Thank you Bruce for the inspiring words. Good luck and happy holidays!

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