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Finally got my surgery date...

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Jan 24th. Not happy about waiting another 6 weeks, but what can I do. Since the cancer grew .5 cm in a 3-4 month period and is 2 cm now, I'm scared that between my last CT scan and surgery date (9 weeks) that it is going to grow more which could potentially put it at 3-4 cm. 

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I assume it grew 5mm not cm if it is 2cm now. Still a little puppy. The best way to get surgery faster is have a large mass and you do not want that. You should be OK to watch the Superbown a week later. Hopefully your surgery will be uneventful and boring.



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Yes mm not cm  tooooo much going through my head right now.

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i agree with you

although  it is very small waiting is horrible 


are you in a very busy centre

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I had mine moved up to next week (12/20) originally diagnosed on 11/6 only because Dr said he could get me in this year and my deductable is already met, but I just want it out of me.

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The waiting does suck, but soon you both will be on to the healing phase. My tumor was found in Aug, had kidney removed Nov 7th and now healing nicely! It all goes by fast and becomes a blur. I wish you both the best and smooth recoveries!!

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