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Kidney Cancer and PH Level

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I have been pushed from pillar to post in the UK, contacted so many organisations without any answers regarding PH levels when first diagnosed with Cancer and also PH Levels for patients that are in Spontaneous Remission, Why is this data being hidden?   I am no expert but I believe there is a Link between Diet and cure, my Brother 49 just been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer that spread into spine currently Doctor is trying to get his high blood pressure under control before first line treatment, I am trying to get him approach the situation from a different prospective and try to get his diet into a alkaline status with PH checks every day and talking 10 lemons with Garlic each night and changing his diet completely, I am trying to get his doctor to scan him regular rather than go in and start a target drug which may have no affect and from what studies I have researched will not improve his quality of life or improve his outlook, so why if there is no Spread because he is going to be scanned regular why would a doctor prescribe this drug? I recorded the 1st meeting with specialist and was very concerned with some of the things she told us regarding diet, she basically said eat what you want and there is no cancer diet she said there was no evidence, I am not convinced by this and questioned her for evidence which I am still awaiting. What are your thoughts regarding diet and cure?  am I just being unrealistic in helping my brother with this diet life change, or should he do what the expert suggests and follow the protocol ? I just feel there is more that I can do to help and really concerned that there is no data for PH levels in the UK, dont know if this is available In USA?

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I have no mets so I have never faced this question properly. It's all theory and guesswork for me.

Nobody likes harsh drugs but there are many on this forum who owe their lives to them.

I don't know what I will do if I ever get mets, but I could go either way.

If your brother is not interested then there isn't much you can do for him. I think people really need to take control of their illness to have any chance of success. But that is also just theory.

I recommend the book Radical Remissions by Kelly Turner.


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I have def heard of this. Many years ago a book was written about a woman who "cured" herself from cancer just by diet alone. I guess the theory is that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. My thought is that eating well cannot hurt anything and may help me to feel better. I would not set aside any treatments a specialist would set me up with to try and get rid of the cancer though. I wouldn't like the thought of being on meds and stuff, but if it will help then I would do it along with a clean diet. It can only help things!!!

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