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Does anyone have any positive and hopeful lartruvo experiences. I have rhabdomyosarcoma, spindle cell variant (either that or PUS/UPS...the doctors really can't wrap their head around it). I did three cycles of VAC. When I started I was a stage IIIc, between my dx in August and now, I've developed lung mets...too many too operate they say...some of which have grown a cm in a month. VAC did not control the lung mets. They continued to grow. My primary tumor site at my leg hasn't grown. They are switching my treatment to Dox and Lartruvo. Does anyone have any stories or advice? My doctor has now indicated that I can do radiotherapy on my primary tumor to remove it. However, he doesn't see the benefit of lung surgery as my mets are bilateral and more than eight. My wife thinks the larger lung mets should be removed. Any help or advice is appreciated. 

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Hello, Cuban.o

My husband has leiomyosarcoma in the lung and has been using the combination drug with another drug since October 2017.

The tumor did not regress, but was stabilized after two CT scans.

How is your treatment?

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Sandra, thank you so much for your response. I did two cycles. It slowed my growth, but as there was still slight growth, my oncologist switched my treatment to Votrient. We hope and pray this works. I hope your husband is doing well and still fighting!

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