Surgery date set

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I am set for surgery on 12/20, hoping he can take just the bad part and leave the rest. He thinks he can.


Please wish me luck




  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    You got it

    wishing and praying



  • icemantoo
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    Sending good karma

    And a little luck.




  • Dutch1
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    Best wishes for a good day of

    Best wishes for a good day of surgery!  Today, the surgical people have the ability to do some wonderful things for their patients.  


  • stub1969
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    You'll do fine!

    Rather than luck I'll include you in my prayers. 



  • Optimisticgirl
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    Best Wishes

    for a successful surgery, quick recovery and years of NED!

  • daisybud
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    Good luck

    Wishing you a quick recovery and sending prayers your way.

  • Bay Area Guy
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    Best wishes for a boring,

    Best wishes for a boring, uneventful procedure and a smooth recovery.

  • AnnissaP
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    Good luck and I hope you have

    Good luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  • Cybball
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    Good luck.  Hope it goes

    Good luck.  Hope it goes great!

  • hardo718
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    Best wishes Sal

    You got this!  And soon you'll be in recovery mode.  I'll keep you in my prayers.   As well as your doctor, that they get in with a quickness and accuracy, do what needs to be done and get out!


  • Sal7864
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    Thank you all very much !

    Also, I will be on vacation after tomorrow 12/11, then on med leave until I return to work likley not until February, depending on how I heal and how I am feeling. I am glad that I have some time off until my surgery date , as I need to do some thingas and get my head around all of this. 

    Thanks again all


  • APny
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    All the very best for surgery

    All the very best for surgery and quick recovery!