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Need your input regarding Sutent medication

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I would appreciate having your experience regarding the SUTENT medication.  He should start soon after the biopsie.  My husband is having a kidney cancer stage 4 (metastasis lungs + bones).  Thanks for your help.

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my dad started on 50mg Sutent back in 2013, but was reduced to 37.5mg after dealing with some SE. He has done well since, and continues to take 1 Sutent everyday, no breaks, no more side effects except being tired sometimes. he is 76 and doing amazing! he will hit 5 years since starting Sutent this june. I started Sutent for my Mets from RCC (stage 4) 2 weeks ago, and although I was freaking out to take that first pill for fear of side effects i have had NONE except a bit of a sore tongue in the last 2 days. I have 2 more weeks before my first cycle finishes. hope this helps with some of your thoughts Everyone is completely different, but we all have the same fears and anxieties and hope. thinking of you both!!

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Sutent worked OK for me.  It wasn't difficult to take as far as side effects were concerned.  I took it for perhaps 18 months before I had a couple of new spots in my chest.  So, it worked for me for a while.  I then went on to Votrient -- which has also been successful for me.  I guess it's been more successful that the Sutent as I have yet to experience any new mets after a couple of years on it.

As to Sutent, from my experience, it was a tolerable treatment option.

Best wishes to you.



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