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Another New Member :(

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Hello Everyone

I was just diagnosed on 11/12 with a 10cm renal mass on my right kidney. Followed up with a Urologist who said that it looks to be contained to the kidney. Had a CT scan of my chest done which thankfully showed negative according to the radiologist. I was then scheduled to have a complete nephrectomy on 12/11. In the meantime I found a Urological Oncologist for a second opinion and he agreed that it looks to be contained and I rescheduled the surgery to have him perform it on 12/13. So, right now I'm starting to freak out about the whole process. The last surgery I had was when I was 7, I am now 35.

Anyways, I just thought I would introduce myself.

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Not a fun club to join, but we have all been through it. Keep the spirits up. I hope there are enough Bowl games to watch during recovery.




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I’m sorry you’re  here, but some good advice will be found on this site! Had left kidney removed 8/25/17. It is scary but honestly the sugery was much easier than anticipated. Had the robotically assisted laparoscopic, stayed 2 nights in hospital and once home only took a couple of Tylenol for pain. Just be prepared to take it easy for a few weeks, walk and drink lots of water! Prayers for your successful surgery.

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Hi and welcome. We don't want new members tho lol!!!! Glad you found this site and good to hear your tumor will be gone soon!! I had my left kidney removed on Nov.7th. I am young like you!!! I hope you will have lots of help at home as rest is best!! Take your time and allow your body to heal. I am 4 wks out and still only allowed to walk for at least 2 more weeks. Everyone is different so I don't want to get too in depth with my recovery. The best feeling will be to know the tumor is gone!! Ask all the questions you want. It may put your mind at ease. You will find some great advice here. I wish you all the best and please remember the surgeons are the professionals and do these all the time. They have your best interest at heart so you will be in great hands.

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My wife had her full kidney removed in 2012 and has been great ever since.  In fact, today she is probably in the best shape she has been in over the past 20 years.

You are in our prayers.  Keep us up to date.

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Well, I want to welcome you here for sure! Its the "c" word and consequences we don't like, right?

Before I even saw my urologist/surgeon I came here. The caring support and information was so helpful. 

Of all the surgeries I have had, kidney was one of the easier ones, because of it being laparascopic/robatic. 

Are you having robatic/Lap? Its several small incisions for the instruments/camera to operate from inside. 

I also had a radical nephrectomy due to the placement of tumor near blood supply. 

BUT I highly recommend getting a lumbar velcro/wrap used to support bad backs. I used it a couple of times. It helped support those aching, tender muscles/etc while I healed up inside. It helped me get UP from sitting and laying down. 

Also, ICE will be your friend. I would put ice packs inside my lumbar wrap nearest the larger incision where the kidney came through. It reduces the sweeling/edema which is what hurts. I needed less and less opiates.

BUT the only thing I did not like, its the GAS that they pump into the abdomen to raise up the wall so the surgeon can see around our organs. It gets trapped in weird places, mostly the shoulder and it hurts for a few days until it works its way out. I used to swing my arm around in circles to try and get it to move. BUT remember, its ONLY gas that causes this sharp pain. 

You need to rest, yet get up, and WALK< WALK< WALK. They first will have you sit on edge of bed to get your bearings 1st day of surgery. Then have you stand, then have you walk. I had to beg for ICE but was only offered opiates. Finally the PT gal got me ice cubes inside a rubber glove LOL We are here to answer any and all questions if we can. Listen to your doctor's instruction and do not rush your recovery once you start to feel better. Your insides are healing remember AND you don't want complications.

Sending you calm, serenity and HOPE !

Hugs, Jan

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Thank you everyone for the kind words and support!

The doctor said it will be laparoscopic with 2 little incisions and a larger one above the belly button, unless he runs into complications.

I think the scariest part for me right now is since my mass was so large, that they find something they didn't previously see on the CT's. Also, I need to look more into the different kinds of tumors.

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its  terrible shock and not easy to deal with

Good news is your Wait is short. which is exactly what you need now

Dont  stress about the surgery.. I am an expert stresser  and honestly.. its done and you recovering in one week

it’s not easy  and you will be limited for a month but it’s way more manegable that you think

If I can do it with my dodgy veins which they could never get too and my fear of pain.. 

Good luck and keep us posted

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You're in a good place by joining this site.  Compassionate people that share many of the same experiences.  Keep us posted and let us know what questions you have.  We'll do what we can to support you and answer those questions.  Good luck with your surgery.


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Well, I'm your age as well. Had 8.5 cm mass removed in July. Surgery was long but easy on recovery as far as pain. It is normal to worry especially until you get a pathology report. I'll keep you in my prayers! Stay positive. Take your follow up scans seriously. 

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Sorry you had to join the club. Mine was 11cm. You will know more from the Path report post op and Dr will have better idea of containment. Best advice I got here was to prep as best as I could for surgery. There are a lot of newbies here that asked questions your probably gonna have. Read some of the recent posts. The wait is the worse. The surgery is hard but not nearly as bad as your mind will think it is. Positive thoughts to you and your family.

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I am 34 and just had a right radical nephrectomyon 11/2/17 to remove my kidney and a 9.8cm tumor.  I had the worst anxiety leading up to my surgery.  But it was actually a lot easier than i anticipated.  2 nights in the hospital, and after 2 weeks I was back to doing normal things.  The hard part is waiting for pathology.  I am 5 weeks out now and feel pretty much back to normal minus the battle wounds.  Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

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Diagnosed at age 34 back in July 4.0cm tumor in left kidney.  Running 5 miles again but slowly got there.  Take it easy early and enjoy the rest Netflix and football.  

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Sounds like our situation is faily simular. Size of mass, age, young children (going by your photo), etc.

I think after reading this forum, I am more worried about the pathology report. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking forward to the surgery, but I feel I can deal with it. It's the not knowing of what exactly I have in me and exactly what to expect going forward.  

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I have a 6 yr old son.  He has a hard time seeing me in the hospital after surgery.  Just something to think about.  Prepare your little ones and tell them you are going to be OK.  He was very anxious and worried about me.  But things are starting to get back to normal.

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Thanks again for all the support. As most of you already know, it means alot!

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Hi, I am weeks post partial nephrectomy for a 2.2 cm mass and it wasn't cancer!   I saw my urologist today, was a tumour called a Cystic Nephroma - it has some other names, is more common in women over 40 than men.  Or males under 2 years old.   Please just concern yourself with the operation and recovery.  There is nothing you can do about the pathology report, it will come in due time and it will be what it will be,  the time it takes will not change the outcome. 

Sending you best wishes for a positive outcome to the surgery and a uncomplicated recovery.   My tips - do all you can to avoid constipation - stool softener before and after operation, high fibre foods (prunes, prune juice, oatmeal) and get active asap, exercises in the bed, breathing exercises they give you for the lungs which really get bashed around in the operation.   Be careful with your blood pressure and ensure you aren't at risk of a fall post op. 

At 4 weeks I am tired and can feel the wounds a little, but other than that almost my old self.   Saw the surgeon today and he said the organ swelling might take a little while longer due them moving everyting about.   The kidney will be good though for starting exercise. 


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Wow!  Only 2 small incisions?  Nice.  I had 4! Plus the biggie for the actual removal of Bob the Blob.  I refer to my scars as my 5 belly buttons.  Quite unique. 


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Day 13 post-op:

Full nephrectomy and also removed the Adrenal gland. 4 smaller incisions and 1 about 2 inches long below the belly button.

Day 1 post Op I didn’t feel much pain. In fact I was just taking Tylenol at the hospital. The Doc had injected some numbing medicine into my incisions that lasted about 48 hours, so incision pain was not present till day 3. 

Day 2. Left the hospital the day after surgery and for the next 5 days pretty much lived on my dads electric recliner. Was forcing my self to get up at least 7 times a day. Had a tough time walking around the first week because once I sat back down, the walking had caused my shoulders and neck to be sore, every time. Not sure why?

On day 6 I decided to try and sleep in bed and that was really rough. I could not find a position to sleep without being in pain. I found everynight I sleep in bed, it becomes a little more comfortable. Just last night I was able to sleep on my side for a short period.

Day 7 I went back to my house with the future ex wife and kids. I should have stayed at my dads...lol. The stairs are not an issue. At this point dealing with my wife and the constipation are more worrisome then the pain caused by the surgery. Speaking of constipation, From days 2-5 I took 100mg traMADol every 6 hours. It helped with the pain and didn’t make me feel like I had taken any meds. Days 6-9 took as needed, which was usually just once a day in the AM. Days 9-13 no pain meds accept Tylenol as needed. That being said, before the hospital would release me I had to pass gas and they prescribed me stool softeners. I quickly came to realize why, the surgery and pain meds made me very stopped up. To anybody reading this pre-op, make sure to stay on top of your bowel movements during this time. My worse pain was do to constipation. 

Day 13, now. Pain is very managable. Constipation is no longer an issue. The only pains I have are lower back pain (on the side of the removed kidney) when sitting to long or bending over, when initially standing in the lower belly (incision area), and in the belly when standing to long. Anyone know why the back pain when bending down? Is that normal? Also, when urinating, it feels like my urethra has shrunk or something because it seems the stream is more then the flow is allowing at the beginning and kinda hurts. Like I’m trying to push more out at once then the hole will allow (sorry if TMI).

So, that has been my post-op recap so far. Please let me know if i should be doing anything different or have any advice going forward. 


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Hi Mike,

My husband had a full nephrectomy back in August.  A couple of things:  Your shoulders and neck could have been sore from the carbon dioxide gas that is used to inflate your abdomen during the surgery.  The pain from that is usually felt in the shoulder area for the first few days after surgery.  The gas will work itself out.  Your urination problem could just be a temporary problem because of the catheter.  

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