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New to the discussion board

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 I am new to the chat forum and to the cancer support site.I had my second biopsy done on my scalp today. The dermatologist did a shave for the first biopsy which came back dyplastic Nevi and pathology requested a deeper biopsy. I had the second biopsy today and I am waiting on results. I have swollen nodes in my groin for over a month and being that I am on Medicaid, it is hard to get the appropriate treatment/doctors cooperatoom to just listen to me and explain my symptoms. Any information or suggestions would be welcome. I feel tired all the time - like a ran a marathon every day and have very little energy.   I go to see a new primary care physician tomorrow for examination of groin nodes and to get blood work done.  Thanks for any info any of you can provide to me.  Michelle
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Hi NJshel,

    I had a dyplastic Nevus with severe atypia removed from my shin in October.  Due to the severe atypia it was re-excised 3 weeks later.  I have a very clean almost unnoticeable scar, and I have to return in six months for a full body check.  The derm says he usually finds recurrence within six months when the growth that was removed was a newly appeared growth.  Oddly, in the last year I have had stange moles (flat) showing up all over me and I have never had these before.   One thing that I think helped to minimize the scarring is the Auqaphor the doc had me putting on it daily. I think it was like 6 dollars.  Best of luck to you.

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