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First scan

Rockspin Member Posts: 77

Had my first scan since my nephrectony and it came back "no evidence of any metastic disease".  It is a nice Christmas present as I was really worried. I know I'll be having lots of scans on the future but I'm so relieved and happy at this moment.


  • randyradiohill
    randyradiohill Member Posts: 67

    That's great...I won't have my first scan til March.  I hope mine is NED too.

  • icemantoo
    icemantoo Member Posts: 3,357 **
    A good start



    Now lets keep it up for another 30 or 40 years




  • Optimisticgirl
    Optimisticgirl Member Posts: 82
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    Happy Holidays! Time to celebrate.

  • Krissyd73
    Krissyd73 Member Posts: 9
    Congratulations rock!!! I

    Congratulations rock!!! I think that is a wonderful Christmas gift!!! 

  • Angiebby75
    Angiebby75 Member Posts: 208
    Congratulations great news!

    Congratulations great news!

  • BoondockSaint
    BoondockSaint Member Posts: 242
    Man that's great news!! Merry

    Man that's great news!! Merry Christmas.......now go by yourself something nice from me. Bawahaha!

  • Canadian Sandy
    Canadian Sandy Member Posts: 716
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  • Wehavenotimeatall
    Wehavenotimeatall Member Posts: 488
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    so pleased... your op was two days before mine so I am glad the purposed plan is working


    and many many years to come


  • Rockspin
    Rockspin Member Posts: 77
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    Thank you all of you - only

    Thank you all of you - only you really know what it's like. It means a lot. 

  • daisybud
    daisybud Member Posts: 521 **
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    Congrats !

    Great news, nice Christmas gift!

  • AnnissaP
    AnnissaP Member Posts: 632
    Yay!!!!! Wonderful news.

    Yay!!!!! Wonderful news. Comgratulations to you!

  • klj15
    klj15 Member Posts: 38
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  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
    Wonderful news!!

    Wonderful news!!

  • kiwi68
    kiwi68 Member Posts: 110
    Ho Ho Ho

    Merry Christmas, I hope that Easter delivers as well, and 4th of July, and Labour Day and Thanksgiving.