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Bowel obstruction

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My mother in law just experienced a bowel obstruction due to a UPSC tumor (recurrence) that has grown and is pressing on the colon from the outside. They placed 2 stents in bowel to help but  the tumor is not be operable. Also fear that this means the current treatment (Avastin chemo) is not working. I know I should not google but I did. All I am reading about this kind of bowel obstrution due to tumor seems to indicate this may mean end of life could be very near and that the stent treatment is a temporary "pallative" solution. The weird thing is she did not mention this nor does it seem the oncologist discussed with her.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or do you have any input? We live across the country and I want to talk to my husband asap about going to see his mom asap if this is the case but at the same time I do not want to scare him if this is not the case.

 p.s. I posted this in a different thread and received 1 reply (thank you!) but posting here with correct subject line of post in case anyone else may have some thoughts. Thank you!

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Littleone, I will tell you this: none of us know how long we have.  

I can't know what your mother-in-law is thinking or what kind of woman she is, but she sounds very brave and something to cherish.  If he wants to see her than he should go, and I say that because I think if there is something anyone wants to do they should find a way to do it.  Life is precious. 

We have some ladies here who have been through much and insprie us all, and we also know the ladies who seemed to be ok and slipped away.  There is no way to predict time.  

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Littleone, I agree with NoTime.... No one knows how long they have. And, living with regrets isn't the best life. So, please get your husband back to see his mom! Love and Hugs, Cindi

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A mass was found growing on the outside of my ascending colon this year.  It showed up on the pictures taken by the colonoscope.  I had surgery about a week later, after having a PET scan where it lit up.  I had a resection of my ascending colon up into my small intestine, plus a second resection of my small intestine because it had grown into the mesh from my 2012 incisional hernia repair.  I had to have my abdominal wall replaced with mesh.  My GYN/onc rushed me in before I had an obstruction.  He told me I was lucky to be able to have the surgery (my second one for stage IVb UPSC) and lucky to go into remission as fast as I did after chemo.  It was not a fun surgery either time, and I hope I never have to go through it again!  I had Carboplatin and Taxol in 2010.  I started off with Carboplatin and Gemzar on week one, then Gemzar alone on week two, and week three off except for blood work.  I did that most of the summer until I had an allergic reaction to the Carboplatin on the 11th time I had it, so I had to switch to Cisplatin and Gemzar for my next to last visit and Gemzar again for the last.  My blood work was off most of the time, and I had to delay some treatments and have reduced doses on others. 

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