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Caregiver questions

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My husband was diagnosed with ALL in August & has been through 4 rounds of chemo but still has 20% cancer left. He doesn’t talk much, spends most of his time in bed, and never goes anywhere other than Dr appts. I’ve never gone through what he is & don‘t know if this is normal chemo side effect. We have 3 children & they have had very little contact with their father because he seems irritated with all of us all the time. He never smiles or laughs at home anymore only with people who visit. I’m afraid that by the time he  has recovered from all of this (approx a year) that we will have adjusted to living life without him, and that scares me. My little ones won’t want to be around him if he continues to be mad whenever they are around. He sits in the living room while we are gone & goes to his room once we get home. What can I do as a caregive? If you have leukemia please help me understand his feelings. 

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My Husband was diagnosed in May 2017 and we have 6 kids and before my Husband worshipped the ground I walked on. He would stop in to the unit I worked on before going to work and bring me coffee every morning. He wouldn’t go to bed without giving me a kiss and saying I love you. It was a true love story. I was told all the time how lucky I was but since the diagnoses he is angry all the time and really doesn’t do much. Even if he is able to do things he won’t and every time he does less and less it scares me because I feel like we’re taking a step backwards. I cry daily and it’s very hard to stay strong for him or my kids because I’m hardly keeping it together myself. I just want my husband back. I know this sounds selfish but our entire marriage was was always him loving me tremendously and now without that I’m lost. What makes this even worse is our sex life is gone. Even if he wanted to he is unable to perform. This is just too much when you put it all together. Not even a year ago we were living the life. Both with great jobs and beautiful family and now it’s gone. He went into remission after first round of chemo and we felt very hopeful theN found a donor for transplant but within 90 days he relapsed and it came back with a vengeance. I’m so afraid of losing him!  I think about it daily and it’s too much to bare anymore. I’m sorry I can’t offer you any words of encouragement other than that your not alone and to hang in there. 



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I hope that everything will be alright

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