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Insurance Help?

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After hours of being referred back and forth between my physician's office, the hospital and my insurance company, I am no closer to understanding how much I will need to pay for my laparoscopic robotic nephrectomy that has a 50/50 chance of being a radical nephrectomy that is scheduled to occur on January 12.

I know I have a per day in patient co pay that will vary depending on which insurance company I choose. All of my deductibles and out of pockets begin anew on January 1 so I have the joy of selecting a new plan in the next 2+ weeks.

My insurance (Keystone Health Plan East) says the hospital (Fox Chase Cancer Center) will provide me with an estimate. The hospital says the insurance company will be the one who can tell me what the procedure will cost.

Can anybody point me in a direction on how I can get somebody on record to give me an estimate? 

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Seems like Donna wrote about this not too long ago.  If Donna doesn't respond send her a PM. 

Good luck!


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But, what kind of plan do you have?  HMO?  PPO?  Typically with an HMO you have a set co-pay.  A PPO, your paperwork from enrollment should shed some light on your responsibility.  Worst case scenario it should say something about maximum expenditure on your part for the year.

I hope this helps a bit, keep us posted.  Best wishes,


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