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Pathology Back - Cystic Nephroma

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Hi, well I guess I am going to have to find another group to join.      My surgeon rang today to say it was a Cystic Nephroma - rare benign tumour - still had to come out - follow up will be much simpler. 

This has coincided with me having a terrifc day health wise, feel almost like my old self, all the swelling and pain seems to have gone on it's way 95%.   I still have a surgical follow up 7th December.

My Mum who has been here doing all the heavy lifting for 2.5 weeks goes home to Australia tomorrow and add to that the sun is shining, there is a lamb roast in the oven and it's 30 big sleeps till Christmas. 

Hope my recovery stays heading in the right direction, a most incredible change in energy and pain levels. 

Thanks to all the people here who gave advice.  I hope you will still let me come here sometimes. 



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you can keep the beenie.



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YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is the best news!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The best ever.  so happy for you

But I am going to sure miss Your wise advice and organisations super skills round here

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We're always happy to have to kick someone out :) Terrific news! Have a wonderful Christmas.

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Great news!!

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Great news and very, very happy for you!

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What an incredible gift you received.  Now use that fear you had to live life to the fullest.


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Good news, good news indeed. Happy for you. 

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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations on the good news!


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Well aren't you the lucky one?  Just another thing to be so thankful for, God Bless.


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But now you must go back to the end of the line.


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