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metastatic rectal cancer to sacro

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I'm new here and looking from people who underwent or undergo with metastatic rectal cancer to sacro. Mine has 8cm of size. My dr said I shoud start witho chemo. My cea  is 295ng. Do you think it's gonna work? Ill start folfox soon.

God bless you.

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To answer your question, yes, I think its going to work. You've got to think its going to work.

Here on the forum, you will find many folks with the same diagnosis, and many who have done and are doing the FOLFOX cocktail, along with others doing different chemo and lots of wonderful caregivers. 

You'll find upfront, honest answers and lots of support. 

Looking forward to getting to know you here on the forum. 

Good luck with the treatment. 


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Hello Tru, thanks for reply. I'm confused and afraid but I hope everything is gonna be ok. Faith is always with me.

All the best to you. 

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I had a 10 cm tumor removed from my rectum on October 3rd.  Very successful surgery, although it has spread to my liver & peritoneum.  We need to stay strong for ourselves and our loved ones.  

I hope you won't give up.  This is one tough road and we are all here for each other.  The people here have helped me through so much of this process.  

Please keep us informed of your progress.  

Praying for you, --Beth

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