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Staple removal

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Going to Dr. Tuesday to get staples removed and a checkup.  Looking at these staple it looks like they are gonna be painful coming out.  Not worried just concerned. 


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Hi Ken, I was worried for days before my doc removed mine. I have around 16 of them. To be honest, not painful at all. The doctor used a pair of special sccissors to cut the staples from the middle, then it is as easy as it fell off from my skin. Felt more like itching than pain to me. You will be alright!

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I had them removed just recently it wasn't bad at all.

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The staples came out really easy.. It was more of mental thing. The appointment also lets Dr check for infection and site healing. The ripping of the I V bandages was worse. Sending positive thoughts on your way back to your new self!

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I had 21 staples, and it was uncomfortable, but not painful. It felt like a little pinch when each one was removed. My doctor was talking to me while another doctor was removing them, so that helped too.


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It just feels like there is a brief stick and some pressure.  If I remember correctly, I counted 63; but they also removed nodes, part of the liver, gall bladder and bile duct; and the incision was longer.  It takes time to heal.  It may itch and lotion can help.  Hot/cold sensitivity is also a long term effect.  When you shower or bathe, don't use super hot water and turn the shower to cool the skin to body temp before getting out.  Mine started out at 14" and was lengthend with each succeeding surgery to go after cancerous nodes.

All I wanted was to get that stuff out of me and good riddance.  You'll feel the same, too.

Hugs to all,


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