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Biopsy Reaults!!!!

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My results are back my doctor said that it’s the same exact Hodgkin’s lymphoma I was first diagnosed with , it didn’t spread and is in two lymph nodes they biopsies.

i might need ice chemo? Or something that starts with a B a out patient chemo and then stem cells in Februar. I’m so scared lost and worried. Does anyone have Info about this? Am I gonna be ok??? How bad is stem cell transplant? Plz any info will help me.

Max Former Hodg...
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I'm sorry of your results Lacie. And a bit surprised also. Stem Cell Transplantion is (SCT) the most common second-line approach for relapsed HL. Many here have had SCTs and will begin writing you about the process. "ICE" is a three-drug chemo that is mostly given to PREP SCT patients for the transplant itself. Usually it is an inpatient set of infusions.

"Will you be OK ?" None of us can say, but very likely yes.   Go to chemocare.com for a full description. Praying and pulling for your well-being.

This will be a long term, tough process, but worth it,



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I did the prep for SCT back in 2015 Aug - Oct. I received three rounds of RICE. I was in the hospital because the one drug took 3 days to administer. The treatments were done every 21 days.  Then there was a round of CT/PET scans plus bone marrow biopsy in Nov. For me there was a question on the bone marrow so another CT/PET in late January. In mid-February I start the stem cell collection process. After 2 days they still did not have enough cells. We started to try again on the 3rd day but the SCT Dr stopped it. Said my platelets were too low so the SCT plan was put on hold. May another round of tests which came back clear.  At that point the SCT DR cancelled my SCT. She said that since I was doing good there was no reason to do an SCT at this time. 

AS to the RICE. To me it was no harder than R-CHOP. I was more tired aftewards and it really knocked down the blood counts.

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There are two alternatives to the rather horrible "ICE". First is TREC, which I received. It wiped out 24 tumors and small intestine invasion by two different aggressive T-Cell Lymphomas in only two infusions. Miraculous. It consists of Bendamustine, Rituxan, Etoposide and Carboplatin. Ther second new regimen is called  "BGV" and it consists of Bendamustine, Gemcitabine and Navelbine. Both of these regimens are older drugs in newer, less toxic combinations. If doctor is hesitant, find another hematologist! Really.

Now, as to your nerves, you must get them under control. This is vital. If I can survive 18 chemotherapy drugs, 2 or 3 of them at ten times the normal dosing, total body irradiation and acute, + chronic GvHD at age 63, this should be a walk in the park for you. No guarantees, but youth and good health are the biggest factors in good transplant outcomes.

But, get some counseling, as you need to pull it together, not lose it! You can do this. Have confidence in yourself. Believe in something strong - something that is greater than yourself. Something confidence inspiring.

You can do this.

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I would advise you to take a pencil and notepad to your next appointment and write down “exactly” what your Dr. says. Cancer drugs, especially chemo, can be confusing. Misinformation or incorrect info can harm you. Good luck!

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Thank you all for your reply’s, I’m trying to stay calm and I did write down some questions for the docto. She told me it’s only in the chest area and it’s not high activity so more chemo and then transplant I know is gonna happen in February. I’m worried but I’m gonna stay pos and hope for the best. I just hope this line of treatment works.

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