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metformin and radiation

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I just started radiation and just found out how beneficial metformin is along w/ radiation.  If you are going through or will go through radiation, look at the benefits of metformin.  Only thing is that it helps to get Rx if you are diabetic or pre diabetic.

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Please describe how metformin helped you in some detail and, if possible, evidence in the medical literature to support your positive statement.

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Here is an article on this subject  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5405102/

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My interest on the Metformin affair with prostate cancer started when I was informed that Dr. Myers used the drug in ADT patients, even if these were not diabetic.

I was curious about the way this drug affects prostatic cells when in fact its capabilities relate to the pathways used in our systems in the control of blood sugar. In other words, it affects/lowers the amount of the little buggers (enzymes) prevalent in several tissues, in regards to the metabolism of circulating sugar into energy. Liver’s GGT has a big role on this and the buggers also proliferate in the seminal vesicles tissues, which are familiar to us when PCa  is detected there, usually very aggressive.

It seems that it exerts some control in the proteins in charge of balancing the energy in a cell. Dr. Myers explains in detail this mechanism in the following past video of 2014;


Metformin was known to have anti-cancer properties since long ago and several trials have been done to prove its benefits. The results are probably now published and made public. Here we have exchanged some posts on the matter. One link is this;


In regards to the benefits of Metformin in radiation treatment, it is not yet proved but it might have similar indirect effect on cancer cells (stem cells) as the one caused by ADT. In laboratory exams researchers found many clonogenic cancer cell dead when introducing Metformin in the research. The following article comments also that:

“…these researchers investigated the effect of Metformin on cancer cells being treated with ionizing radiation and found that it increased the radiosensitivity of the cells.”

Surely this is all lab work and one should only follow Redbelly’s such subject after intrigue investigation on the side effects, consequences and risks. Here are some links;




Thanks for raising the matter. I hope they find conclusive and positive results.



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