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Sending NED on its way to visit many others!

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Just wanted to pass on the good news!  Had my 3 year scan today and was NED.  Very happy and sending him on his way to visit many others!

I have been more off than on here lately for many personal reasons but this network is VERY dear to me and so are many of you.  You helped me go thru very scary moments, you made me laugh and chase the fear and worries away!  I will never be a stranger and will be forever grateful.  Thank you again today!

And for those I still don't know well, I hope this happy news I got today,  gives lots of hope to those starting their journey and feeling as I felt 3 years ago.  I had a 6cm RCC graded 2-3 in Europe (maybe would be graded 3 in USA),  T1b , partial neph that had challenging complications on the same evening of my surgery (there is a small % of probabilities for partials at this size for this to hapen and I was one!) but it got taken care of and I ended up keeping 2/3 of my right kidney.

Im now busy being a granny since I became one around the same time as my surgery.  Im busy taking pics and doing photo exhibits (it's my passion), Im busy living and enjoying life, not taking anything for granted and staying vigilant and doing my regular check-ups.  Never forget these!

May we all be well. Sending healing thoughts to everyone.

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Great News 

So pleased ... I am sure you can never relax but three yearis a very good sign

Wishng all the best for you and that grandbaby



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So wonderful!!!  I hope you celebrated! I have my first scans in March and hoping NED visits me too!  Keep enjoying your life and grandbaby(s)!  I am trying to do the same!  Take life one day at a time and live it the best I can!

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So happy to hear this news.  Thank you for sharing this with us .


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Great news.  Love to hear Ned reports


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Best news for all us to hear! So happy for you!

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Great news Marosa I hope to join you there one day a few years from now. Send me a postcard when you reach the five year mark I want to know what that's like as well.

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Wonderful news, sweet lady!! I also had a 6cm tumor grade 2 removed back in May 2014. Only I had a radical nephrectomy. We are almost pathology twinsies...haha! Virtual hugs from Texas....Panda

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YAAAY Marosa! Thanks for checking in and letting us know your good news. 

YOU are an inspiration to many of us here!

Hugs, Jan

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Enjoy anxiety free holidays just around the corner, with your grandchildren!

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Marosa, I'm so happy for you! Fantastic news. And no way do you look anything like a grandmother in that picture :) Lots of love xxoo

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You know how happy I am for you. I've had a good feeling about your creative vibes lately. It is going to be a very good year for your photography too.

FLY Maria

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Very good news!!!! Makes me want to get up and dance!!!

Heres to many, many more to come.

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Sounds good for all



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so  happy for you

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Awesome news

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Thank you so much for all the kind words and cheers!  Sending love and healing thoughts to you all. 

Fox, I hope your feelings are right about my work as I am having lots of fun!  Im "throwing" fully dressed women in long gowns in the pool and the sea and taking pics of the water, the colors, movement and shapes and enjoying it inmensely. Big plus; I haven't drowned one yet! Lol

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Hello Maria!

So happy to hear about your NED results! Doing a happy dance in your honour!



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So happy to read your good news!

And another reason to celebrate life in that party dress you're wearing!


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It's wonderful to know you're enjoying every day.

Congratulations on great news

Thanks for sharing it with us

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