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Update from paella

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Hello all – Sorry to be so silent…been super busy with Mac’s caregiving.  No complaints, mind you, but it is, indeed, overwhelming. 

I think a lot about you all and just wanted to say hi.  I’m doing fine and am 16 months in remission now from the return of my Folicular NHL and an autologous SCT.  Mac's pancan (Acinar Cell) has shrunken or remained stable throughout a full year of chemo plus maintenance chemo.  However the last scan showed some growth in the lymph nodes (only place it has spread to) but he still feels good, has virtually no symptoms  (other than neuropathy) and is very active and definitely into FitBit.  We continue to feed the Good Wolf but know that if he has to go back on neuropathy-causing treatment that he won’t be able to handle it for too long.  Hopefully there will be some other treatment after that.


We’re close to fulfilling/finalizing a dream of spending a year closer to our son who lives in San Francisco (we’re in SoCal).  We’ll both get our chemo needs taken care of at UCSF Medical Center and are close to renting a little apartment in Alameda;  an island to the east of SF…we’ve been there many times and love it and are confident that this adventure (new walks, new people, new restaurants) plus more time with Michael will be healing in itself.  And, who knows, maybe they’ll have some new thoughts about his pancan.  Fingers crossed.


Best to all from paella.



Max Former Hodg...
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I'm delighted you're in C.R. following your SCT paella. Thank you for writing.

Also glad MAc is stable and feels well.

Bless your time in the beautiful Bay Area,


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Whenever I have a look around the forum, I wonder about the two of you and hope all is well.

It's good to see that things seem to remain under control and that you have nice things to look forward to.

Kind regards.


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Thank you for the update, I too often wonder how your both doing.  I'm not on the boards much so when I was wide awake in the middle of the night I was happy to read your post.  It's wonderful, most welcomed news and thrilled for your new adventure.  How utterly fabulous to be by family in San Francisco and live out a dream.  

San Fransisco is one of my favorite American cities, enjoy and discover more dreams to fulfil!


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That is good news, thank you so much for letting us know.  I know what you have been through being a caregiver but cannot imagine having cancer myself at the same time. We do what we have to do but you are a gem.  I know you will be very well cared for at UCSF, it is up there with Stanford, so they will no doubt have the latest and greatest info available.  I know Alameda and it is a very nice town and away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to beautiful SF and more importantly to your son.  Hope everything works out well and you both stay healthy and happy.


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I have been thinking of you and wondering how you & your husband were doing. I am glad all is going well. The move sound like a great decision. New places & people! You two have been busy. I hope you enjoy every minute of it. 


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Nice to hear from you Paella!  I’m glad you are still doing good, despite all you’ve been through. Being near family is definately a plus for  everyone.  Enjoy every moment of it! I’ve been a bit quiet myself lately.   Just came home from a 2week vacation touring Sicily. Had a great time, but now back to the worries of scans, etc. 

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