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Another cancer. Just like that. 4 years later, revving up another battle.

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I've been MIA. Sorry for that. But we've been thrown a massive curve ball. My husband's most recent scans for stage 3 kidney cancer follow up found a new and different cancer in his small bowel. We are awaiting a surgery date for him to have a resection of the small bowel. There was not a biopsy due to location and because the consensus was it was coming out anyways. But so far, it isn't causing him any pain. 

Some thoughts, moving forward: 

#1. His kidney cancer diagnosis, while a bigger Stage 3 tumor, hands down, saved his life. This ct scan, as follow up, found a rare intestinal tumor that would have gone unnoticed for a long time. 

#2: GET YOUR SCANS. GET YOUR SCANS. GET YOUR SCANS. And when they tell you to avoid more radiation and not to get them every 6 months after the second year, ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF. It might save your life. 

#3: It's not a bad idea to seek post-nephrectomy follow up care with an oncologist. We decided to do that, 4 years ago. We used to joke about the time we spent with an oncologist talking about NOT having cancer. As it turns out, 4 years later, we have an establised relationship with a good doctor that we trust moving forward. So, to answer the question about "Should we see an oncologist?" I'd say Why not? If it's available to you, sure. 

#4: Thank you. Everyone. I truly believe the strenght from many of you here, over the years, in your words, advice and inspiring lives has allowed me to function normally this time. Whatever happens, I can do it. 

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I am about to ask my urologist this question about follow up and oncology.  Best wishes with your continued treatments. 

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Best to you! 

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Well, I don’t know what to say. It’s terrible that its cancer again... It is great that caught early by pure accident.

Wish your husband and you successful treatment and please keep us posted. What the docs are saying, will it be an easy surgery?

Good luck,


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Hopefully only the one tumor so they can remove the portion of the small intestine and sew the ends together. Evidently it‘s a common surgery for Crohns disease, diverticulitis, etc. Hoping they can do laproscopy, but who really cares as long as it cures him. 

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Wishing you and your husband only the best. 


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Praying hard for you guys. 

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Thanks for the advice and wishing the best outcome for your husband.

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and secondly thsnk you for the heads up

You can’t complain if you are not here so need to do it now

Hoping cure is quick and speedy

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I am so sorry you are dealing with this!  I was diagnosed with RCC in August and had a partial Neph in September.  My father had colon cancer so I am already considered high risk and have had those scans regularly.  I am hoping and praying for the best for you!

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I appreciate each and every message. Surgical consult tomorrow. The waiting is the worst. 

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And your husband 

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Hi. I just read your post. You seem positive and on the right track. I am sorry to hear the latest news and wish you two all the best.

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Wishing you guys the best......we'll be praying for ya'll as well.

good decision, I believe on having an oncologist. We consulted with one who we know casually thru a mutual friend.

my wife was not totally on board with it at first because the surgeon suggested follow ups with our urologist.

I explained it to her like this and I quote......"I'm not taking a Ferrari to a Ford dealership for service"

Another hurdle that I know you guys will jump and keep on running.

good vibes and well wishes.

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3.5 cm tumor on the small intestine that was not seen 9 months ago  nor seen on any of the 8 other scans he had over the last 4 years!!!! AND it will be a MONTH or more before he has surgery to take it out. This is so stressful.

Surgical consult: They will take the appendix too since the GI surgeon mentioned that sometimes stromal tumors originate in the appendix and visually inspect a 13 mm adrenal gland "spot" that might be an adenoma. Evidently that has been there since 2014 (NOW they mention it since it's slow growing but at 13mm). 


And yet, we wait. 

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The waiting is the worse, but you are strong and have been through the big C before. Try to stay calm so you dont worry your husband. Sending my prayers and best wishes to you.

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I hate how our bodies decide to go south on us. But i'll say the same corney thing. Because he is being watched, something was found that can be taken care of. I don't mind getting older, but I hate breaking down. Oh to be a kid again.....

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I truly believe my ability to function and power through my can largely be attributed to the strength and positivity from so many people here. I just keep repeating over and over “Whatever it is, I can do it.”  Our daughter is 11. I need to be her rock. 

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I'm so sorry you're both facing this again. Why the delay in surgery? Wishing you and your husband the very best. 

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The oncologist emphatically says that waiting a month won’t make a difference. But without knowing what the cancer is (nobody thinks it’s metastatic kidney based on tumor location) you’d think time would be if the essence. Unless it’s a slow growing tumor that got missed on 9 or more CT scans in 4 years? I‘m just doing my best to trust the doctors. I have no reason not to. 

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I think they really do miss things sometimes. I had a scan in Feb AND one a year ago for a cyst on my kidney. Neither showed the tumor that was found in August. One doctor said maybe the cyst hid the tumor from view bc it was 6cm. I will know more in 2wks. It did seem to be fast growing bc I just had surgery and lost my whole kidney bc it had grown yet again. I know the wait is the worst but I waited 3 mths from discovery to surgery. I am happy to hear his is only 1 mth. I wish you all the best!!! Glad they are taking care of this.

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Keep us posted.  I'll have you both in my prayers,


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As heartrending as it is to find a tumor of another sort in the intestines, thank heaven you did get the scans and got super fast detection. I hope you have all good news in the new year to come.

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So sorry to heard the news. Wish you and your husband the best and best rsult possible. Wish you find a way to lower your stress too! TAke care.

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