Am I the only one

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that enjoys watching chickens run around. LOL, seriously though the simple things in life are so calming. my family thinks im crazy , they call me the bird man. i will get home from work and just go out and sit and watch the chickens and drink a beer. what do you guys do to relieve your stress. I also like to go out and shout a few rounds off now and again.


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    Birdwatching is a thing

    I suppose watching chickens is a form of birdwatching. I never tire of watching the various birds in my yard after I throw them some bread.

    Just be careful with the chicken watching it has been known to take over people's lives and in some cases sufferers have progressed to really hard-core birdwatching like hunting the Ivory-billed Woodpecker with the expensive binoculars and camouflage gear. Seek urgent help if this happens to you.

    I do a few different things to relax the main one currently is playing acoustic guitar which for me has been transformed by the Internet and the availability online of the free chords and lyrics for just about every song ever written. I also enjoy walking.

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    LOL ! i have wood peckers at

    LOL ! i have wood peckers at my house. The big one and the little ones. They are very cool to watch and listen to. I live in ohio. My wife bought me a pair of binoculars last year and i use them all the time watching deer and fox and coyotes out back across the fields.  I got a fender acoustic about 6 months before i was diagnosed. i played it a lot and was actually starting to be able to play a few songs but i put it down when i had my neph and it now just sits in the corner in the case . looks nice there but i think im gonna get it out and start learning to play again.  I also like walking , well hiking in the woods but still im walking.

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    No chickens here

    But my kids refer to me as a bird watcher too.  Altho, I'll admit, if I'm watching from an outdoor setting it's more cautiously.  I don't trust birds.  But from inside, I'm very brave and love to look at the different varieties.

    Relieve stress? walker here.  Long walks.  And we hit the dog park too, he loves chasing a ball.