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Good news!

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Hi All,

Just got back from the Urologist yesterday and for my 3 year aniversary I had no detectable PSA(<.01).  I had a Da Vinci RP back in Sept. of 2014, almost no complications from surgery and a little longer than expected recovery on the ED & leakage but I am very happy with the results 3 yrs. later.  I can't say enough for the doctors & University Hospital Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland.  Hope the trend continues......................Wink


Livin 6 mo's at a time

Dave 3+4

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Congrats to you and your family, Dave!!

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Excellent news

Glad for you

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Congratulations, glad to hear it!! I also had RP via DaVinci. Went back to work 5 wks later on light duty. I was a Kegel exercise freak so leakage wasn't a problem very long, just wish the rest of my muscles were as well toned as the ones in my pelvic floor. Go medical staff at Univ. of Colo. Hosp., they were great. 

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My Da Vinci experience was very similiar to yours.   I am only a few months behind you, since my RP was in January, 2015. I will have my 3-year PSA draw in January or February.   

The Cleveland Clinic is among the very best, and they are associated withthe best chemo information site in the world:  chemocare.com (if link won't open, just type in manually) .  Of course we all hope to never need its information, but for other guys facing chemo or hormonally-resistant meds (Zytiga, Jevtana, etc.) it is the best go-to site.  It is also associated with world-champion ice skater Scott Hamilton, who formerly had a brain tumors (with 2 relapses), and testicular cancer.

I know we are toward the luckier end of the spectrum for all guys who went the Da Vinci route, but the merits of PR for treatable, non-metastatic disease need to be said occasionally.   It is probably the most popular active treatment choice for Stages I and II PCa in America today.  In my personal realm, I have never met a man who had radiation therapy for first-line treatment.  All had surgery, and all expressed satisfaction. Anecdotal, I know, and others have had more issues.  May the lucky and the unlucky be blessed with cure and long lives,

Congrats !


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And please continue to contribute to this forum

Will Doran
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That's Great news.  I went through all of this 4 years ago this December, and at three years was getting the same test results as you are getting.  It was a good feeling.  At four years I'm still getting PSA results under 0.5.  I started with a PSA of 69 and a Gleason of 7 (3+4).  I am currently one no medication, Radiation or Hormore Therapy.  So, I understand your feelings.  At this point all of my doctors are very pleased where we are as to where we were 4 years ago.  I Hope and Pray that you wil continue along the same path you are on.

Best Wishes

Love, Peace and God Bless


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I like to know about your Zerrrrrros. in two years they call it cure. Lets hope for that.

Congratulations. Is this another excuse for a glass of red?



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Hi All,

This is one heck of a journey we all go through, the ups & downs, the learning, the sad stories, the good stories, ect.  I feel very lucky that my journey is working out at year 3, hope it continues.  Kind of scares me when you read of a guy having <.01 for several years and then the reading start creeping up.  Hope none of us have to go through that kind of emotional roller coaster.  I guess we just have to keep on looking forward and not try to dwell too much on the negativity.  It can drive you batty, hope to be here on this board in the coming years helping out if God is willing & the creek don't rise(a bit of Midwest humor).  Cheers.....................

Dave 3+4

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Dave, That's fabulous news. Huzzah!!


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Great news Clevelandguy. Wish your PSA stays undetectable and everything else improves to even better.

itis late for Octoberfest, but never is late to celebrate it with beer or two.



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So happy to hear of you success.  What a blessing for you.

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Congrats Dave, your going strong !

And yes 6 months at a time ....

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Dave, I'm following your good trend as I just got back my 6 month Psa read and it's non- detectable ! !

( 2 1/2 yrs post salvage radiation ( 5 yrs post RP ) ).

Hey some hope for you Gleason 8 + guys !!!

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Hi Contento,

Great news, hope for many more non-detectablesLaughing  Any treatment plan with undetectables if a good thing.

Dave 3+4

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