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artificial sphincter

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I have read that putting in an artificial sphincter is tougher to do after radiation, is that true? Can it be done? I'm fairly confident that I will not gain continence after radiation. While we are on the subject, can they put in an implant at the same time?

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I have never heard of anyone needed an AUS after radiation.  Only after surgery. 

Not saying it might not happen but it would only happen if one of the urinary sphincters (there are at least 2) was irreparably damaged, which is highly unlikely following radiation treatment but very common following surgery. 

However, assuming that a urinary sphincter has been irreparably damaged by radiation, I don't see what it couldn't be cut out and replaced w/an AUS.  I'm sure anyone who knows better will say so,

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Thanks, I"ve had surgery and now radiation.  Surgery caused incontinence.  However, I have a large lymphocele that could be pressing on bladder.  will try to drain that prior to AUS

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I had proton radiation in 2012, then a tricky salvage prostatectomy in 2017. I developed severe urinary retention a few months ago because of a bladder neck contracture (BNC) issue.  5 weeks ago I had additional surgery by a reconstruction specialist to relieve the contracture, but I was left incontinent.  Even with the proton radiation and other issues the specialist considers me a candidate for an AUS.  I need to remain "open" for 3 months following the BNC surgery to satisfy my specialist before he will do the AUS implantation.


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I would talk to your urologist about the problems with a AUS after radation.  From what I read radiation treatments could cause changes to the tissue of the bladder which might effect how the AUS works.  Depending on how the radiation hits the bladder it could cause scaring and harden the bladder tissue.  Don't know if that effects your case but I would talk to the Doctors to find out.

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