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Meds - Xtandi

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Dr. called last week, scan revealed cancer cells from my prostate cancer (treated with radiation therapy 3 years ago) cells are in a lymph node near the aorta. 
Saw the doc - urologist - who has been treating it this AM.  It's not as dire, apparently, as we had imagined from that brief phone call.  He's starting the paperwork with Medicare & Tricare for the medication Xtandi, at $7000 per month he has to get prior approval.
He's still staying with the prognosis that if the prostate cancer were to spread that I'd go belly-up from old age before it would nail me (I'm 77 and seriously diabetic now, with kidney problems that are under control.)  My inclination is to just sit tight, let it run it's course and see what happens.  Wife doesn't agree, but says it's my decision.
So, what does anybody know about Xtandi, and about the long term survival rates, based on the limited info I'm able to give you?

Thanks much,   Tom

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By looking at their website Xtandi sounds like it got a lot of possible serious side efects.  Is there any kind of medication your doctor can put you on that has fewer less serious side effects?  Just my 2c worth................

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I don't know, Clevelandguy.  Haven't had another office visit, but I got the impression that was the
med dujour for that condition.

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