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 Can you tell me the best supplement to help with PSA levels?

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Do you want to lower your PSA?  If yes, I don't think that any over the counter supplement has been proven to reduce PSA levels.

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The classic OTC supplement for "prostate health" is saw palmetto.  All studies have shown it to be a multibillion dollar theft of worried men's wallets.  The best studies have concluded that it  does nothing.

Spare yourself the money. Eating a heart-healthy diet is as much as a man can do for his prostate.  And even then, the results are not clear.  But what is good for your heart is good for you, regardless.


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PSA is an indicator, so you would not want to artifically lower the level, since the PSA test would no longer be reliable. 

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PSA doesn't need treatment. One should find the reason behind its high levels and treat the culprit. Can you tell us what is the level and the reason for your inquire?


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