Stage 4 stomach cancer with mets to ovaries not under treatment any more


I am 28yr female.i had right ovarian mass which was removed on july 2016,it showed signet ring cells so endoscopy and colonoscopy was done to find the primary was found i had stomach cancer poorly differenciated adenocarcinoma with mets to rt ovary which was already i was advised chemo DCF regimen(Docetaxel, cisplatin and 5 flurouracil) 6cycle.i had total gastrectomy with CRS with HIPEC on jan 2017, dr adviced to remove left ovary also as krukenberg tumor mostly affects bilateral ovary,but we denied as i am unmarried and my left ovary was cancer free that time.HPE report came pT3N0 and was kept on oral chemo XELODA(capcetabine)2000mg per day. My pet scan on 6th october 2017 showed left ovarian exploratory laparotomy was done to remove left ovary and also to seeif i have cancer deposits elsewhere in the abdominal cavity.HPE  of left ovary showed signet ring cell tumor.

As i had no evidence of cancer elsewhere in my body other than the left ovary which is removed.Dr's were confused on what to do next whether to give chemo EOX  6 cycle as capcetabine alone didnot work for me or not to give chemo now as there is no evidence of cancer at present. Dr concluded saying its better not to give chemo now as the cancer i had is highly agressive and has high chance to come back.chemo given now is not going to help to post pone or not let cancer to come back so dr says its better to preserve the chemo for the time if cancer comes in future.

I am sad that i had to remove both my ovaries and will not be able to conceive but then i try to console my self saying at least i am living..i am happy that i dont have to go through the painful chemo cycle for now.but deep down i feel if chemo or any med could prevent cancer from coming present i am fine and doing good with some fatigue.

I want to know is there any one who is survivor of this cancer with no recurrence or if had recurrence then after how many years ??what treatment you underwent??what preventive measures are you taking so that there is no recurrence.?

It would be my pleasure to talk to you all...waiting to hear from you all



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    Hi Sushila!

    Hi Sushila!

    Even tho I did not have tumors to my ovaries.. I had stage 4 stomach cancer with mets to my liver and my lungs. I am now entering my 9th year of being cancer free. 

    After 6 rounds of chemo and total gastrectomy in 2009, I have been cancer free.

    Hope this helps... you can do it too!