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Results. Need prayers.

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So all I know is they did a CEA marker in my blood and it’s 3.9. The report says it’s moderately differentiated adenocarcenoma arising from villious adenoma. 

Hes my gastro so he can’t stage but he seems positive I will Live. I’m gonna get to md Anderson this week I hope. Oh and all my other blood levels were normal

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My CEA was 3.7 at diagnosis and 1.9 halfway through treatment and 1.7 after treatment. i got my staging information from an MRI. There is a website that allows you to put together the bits of biopsy and I,aging results to get staging.

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Have the Drs scheduled a time to reverse the ileostomy?  I was 20 years older than you when I had mine.  Reversal worked, with minor problem.  Been NED ever since 2010.  Currently 85 years old!!!

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My husband was recently diagnosed with Stage IV colon CA, his CEA >1500 (now 850).  He is doing great so far, in fact I tease him that this is all a ploy for him to retire. Surround yourself with all the positive energy you can, eat well, rest when you need and pray often.  I am a nurse and see first hand how much a positive attitude affects a person's treament response.  I can relate countless stories of Stage IV long term survivors (although I must admit that on first hearing of his diagnosis we were both shook(?) to the core).  MD Anderson is a great treatment center for this crazy journey; I will keep you in my prayers.

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I admire your spirit, slow-runner.  You & your husband sound like an awesome couple.  Thanks for inspiring me and others here.

I pray for everyone I encounter here.  The love and support of this board is a tremendous boost.

Ginwill, you will be going to one of the greatest places for treatment.  My best afvice is just to focus on living.  There is SO much hope for all of us.

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