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Blood in urine after BM Radiation 5 months ago

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A little concerned.. I had blood in my urine after a straining bowl movement. It wasnt red it was dark colorgel consistancy.. I completed 40 treaments of radiation back in May..  I beleive it has only happend this once..  Has this happened to others... 

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Hi Bassone,

Sorry to hear about the new development. I ran into a situation with visible blood in the urine in July 2010. But the blood wasn’t clotted, just ‘normal’ blood. So, I’m not sure if my experience can shed any light on your issue.

When I was diagnosed in April 2009 traces of blood were found in my urine. (PSA = 89, Gleason 3+4, cancer had spread to a lymph node. No bone mets, or progression of the PC to any other areas.)

Summer 2009: 40+ radiation treatments – IMRT. (Along with Degarelix).

Since the IMRT treatments I occasionally feel some minor irritation in the urethra while urinating. I had a colonoscopy done in September 2009. Everything okay, but the doctor remarked he’d seen some ‘irritation’ in the colon, possibly due to the radiation. Other than that I’m pretty happy I had the IMRT.

July 2010 – visible blood in urine. Hadn’t had visible bleeding before and I was pretty concerned.

I had been taking aspirin for minor back and knee pain. My wife suggested I stop the aspirin, which I did. Blood no longer visible. I had the bleeding checked out by the urology team, conclusion was that it was possibly related to the IMRT treatments; but, then again, I’d had blood detected in my urine prior when the PC was first diagnosed.

Every so often I blood (invisible) is detected in my urine, but it’s not typical. No visible blood other than one incident in July 2010. I still take aspirin on occasion (headaches, knee, back, old age…)

I still have the minor irritation in my urethra. I believe that is due to the IMRT treatments. And, perhaps, some of the blood detected is also due to the IMRT (or maybe any type of radiation could cause this also? Not just to blame IMRT…) The aspirin appears to exacerbate the bleeding.

Take care, and keep fighting!


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I called urologist today because I had more issues with the Blood. They had me do a blood/urine test, arrainging a cat scan and a cysoscopy although they set up the cysoscopy the third week in December.. I don't get that...  It seems to be more than blood it is like a gel type substance a brownish color which is telling me it has been hanging around a while..   I do have slight pain in my bladder..  Biopsy was a 3+4 with two cores at 50% they believe it was contained in the prostate.. Although back in June or July I had a bone scan for Athritis in hip and My forearm lit up. The school is still out whether it is atypical mets or something else..  They are watching it.. The location of the tumor in the bone marrow is in such a place where it could effect the use of my left hand so they are going slow and steady on a open biopsy. Had xray 2 weeks ago it hadn't grown . So they will take a look at it in another 10 weeks..   

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2009 psa 110 had prostrate surgery 2011 psa rising so had to have 35 radiation treatments and psa dropped and was finetill 2016 when I started racing some blood come out my penis when I had a hard bowel movement and I asked my oncologist and he said it was probally a ruptured blood vessel and released me febuary 2016 cancer free.This kept up till sept. 2017 the blood basket up into my bladder and dropped up where I could not urinate and had to go to emergency room and have acatheter put in.To make a long 10 mo. Short July 7 had to go in and have surgery to remove my bladder and some of uretan and now have a ostomy bag on my stomache.The radiation I took burnt my uretha where prostrate net was and bottom of my bladder to point could not be repaired

.There was no cancer in anything removed and my psa is undetectable. I am doing fine.12-8-2017

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