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Very depressed

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Hi all, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in December 16. The primary was resected. After surgery she had 4 small spots in the liver. N very small lung nodules. Started folfox. After 3 months two liver lesions disappeared. cea came down to 17 from 41. So far so good. Talked to the liver surgeon for resection. Had a pet before that which didn't show activity anywhere in the body. So doctors asked us to take more chemo for 3 months and thn we'll see. Cea started going up. Pet in August showed 3 liver lesions with activity. Nothing else. The surgeon said still resecttable. A CT before surgery showed omental thickness in September. They still went for surgery with curative intent on 31st. Peritoneal metastasis :(. So closed her up. Is anyone out there with liver and diffuse peritoneal mets? What will we do now? :(
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I was told my metastatic CRC in my peritoneum could possibly be removed surgically.  I found out about this plus 1tumor on my liver just 5 days before surgery to remove my main tumor.  My Oncologist said the peritoneum is very tricky to surgically remove. So I'll spend my time now trying to shrink it so it can be removed.

Have you considered a second Onc or Surgical opinion?  I know of a few patients who had to see multiple physicians willing to treat tough CRC situations.  Maybe a clinical trial is out there.  Do not lose hope.

Sincerely, --Beth

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Ask about HIPEC. They can do surgery and then treat with chemo directly in the abdomen to ensure they got everything. They will only do if mets are restricted to abdomen, which in this case sounds like it is. 

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3 mets in liver too. So not a candidate for hipec 

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