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Husband with Stage IV colon CA mets to liver, lung

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Well I've been reading alot of these boards and have found so much encouragement.  My husband was recently diagnosed, felt like we were hit by a train without even knowing we were on the tracks.  Anyway, he is handling this so well, he  is such a positive person, loves life, is the type who is at home in a crowd.  At first I went into a panic but soon realized that a cancer diagnosis, even at Stage IV, is not death sentence.  I've heard nothing but positive stories, even my soon-to-be daughter in law's 91yo grandmom has survived colon CA with liver/lung involvement (had part of her lung removed). She was diagnosed 25 years ago, today she remains active, even swims.  If only I could stop following his CEA levels, they came down by almost half after  his first chemo treatment but have crept up a little.  He has had 4 treatments so far. Where we go for treatments is across from CHOP.  Seeing parents bringing in their children makes us realize how lucky we are.  We never had any medical problems with our kids(5), would much rather be one of us then one of our kids.  Guess everything in life is relative.

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So sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis.  He sounds like awonderful man, and you are so thoughtful about his feelings and well-being.

I was diagnosed at Stage 3, but the last CT scan revealed mets to lung and peritoneum.  So I'm Stage 4 as of about 5 weeks ago.  You both know how overwhelming this type of cancer is.  Seems we climb one mountain, then need to climb another, and another.  But it is worth it.  We also have 5 children.  It's hardest on them, I think.  

One of my aunts told me early on that I come from good stock, and that I am much stronger than I know.  She was so right!  I have endured a lot since my May 10 diagnosis.  And the road ahead is long, but I will do everything I can to stop this awful cancer.

Is your husband scheduled for any surgery?  This group is so helpful and supportive.  The people here understand.  I hope you find comfort here.  Will be praying for your family.  --Beth

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Thanks for responding to my post.  He is not scheduled for surgery, I think they said maybe after 12 rounds of chemo that surgery may be an option.  You would think I would write info down or have a better memory of what is being said but...  and I would love to ask more questions but if my husband is not asking I don't want to put any thoughts into his head or open him up to info that he may not be ready for.  His CA mets is to liver, lung and peritoneum.  You would never know it, he looks great and hasn't seemed to skip a beat.  The first three treatments left him exhausted and beat up for several days each time but after the fourth treatment he didn't have any down days. Who knows.  You sure have to be strong to ride this mental and physical roller coaster. Prayers and positive thoughts to you.

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Possible same treatment center? I was treated for stage 3 rectal cancer across from CHOP.  So hard to see illnesses affecting children.  CHOP is an amazing place making progress every day in fighting childhood diseases.  Same can be said for the center across the street in achieving breakthrough cancer research and treatment. Great place to be. Your husband sounds like a fighter and so do you.  Staying positive and hopeful is so important. Beth's optimism and encouraging words are well said. Best of luck to your husband and family.  


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CEA.  My Oncologist would not do a CEA test during treatment, because he told me that it fluctuates up and down because of the meds and the stress on the body.  So, try not to worry about the CEA results. They come into play more after treatment than during. 

I am always sorry when we get new members, but this is a good place to be if you have to deal with this disease. 

Take heart from all of us who are surviving against the odds. There is absolutely no reason your husband can't be one of them. 

Look forward to getting to know you and helping your husband and yourself through this stage of life. 


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