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Tomorrow is the day

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So I am due for surgery tommorrow. I was hoping to get my procedure done at the Cleveland Clinic since it is the best facility near me. But I was not able to get it to work out its 3 1/2 hours away and had some travel issues and insurance blips.  I am pretty confident the local urologist, the first doctor seen will do well, after a couple more visits.   This has been the hardest decison I have ever had to make.  I will have a robotic procedure.  I was considering waiting until I was able to get Cleveland to work, but I dont want to keep waiting.  I am having faith things will be fine.  My most recent scan show no change in my mass it reads stable. The lymph node that the urologist stated he really didnt see on the first scan went down it now measures a possible 12mm. I hope thats a good sign. I have been really stress about trying to get thing to work at the Cleveland Clinic. I still have alot of anxiety. I am really impressed how well many in this group have handled this siuation.  Any last minute tips or things to bring or to look out for. Thank you all for the great advice and support.

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Walk as much as you can  I walked around the house every hour  helped a lot.  Drink lots too.

I also went with a local group  my doc urologist is head/director of robotics at the local hospital. I was very happy with him.

Best wishes for a fast recovery. Hope your up and moving around quickly.


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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Good luck tomorrow-hope all goes well.  

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We will all be thinking of you.  It will be over before you know it, please update us when you can.

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Best wishes it will be fine it's a routine operation now and remember we improve and recover with every day that passes after surgery.

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May you have successful surgery and uneventful recovery. First days or week are tough then you'll feel a little better every passing day.walk, drink water and don't pull, push or carry things for as long as your inner organs get healed. And notice outer organs heals sooner than inner organs. Learn how to breath properly to reduce pain. It's not easy procedure but we've all done it, so you'll get through thist for sure.

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May he have a boring and uneventful surgery.




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The important thing is to get the operation so you can start to recover and plan

The anxiety is horrific and hits us all 

The good news is it will soon be over.  You will have a few tough but manegable weeks but you will feel so much better knowing that the hard bit is done

Dont rush your recovery you will need every second of those 4 to 6 weeks for your body to heal

You need to focus on you now


Sendng you lots of thoughts and prayers



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Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. This will all be behind you soon!!!

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That all goes well today and a speedy recovery is on the horizon.


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The mass should be the thing that you worry about, the surgery is a must have to save your :) Also, the risk even for the surgery is very low for a normal healthy person, robotic is even lower! Best wishes!

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THinking of you this morning and today! 

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Hope you have a very boring and uneventful surgery and recovery. I agree with all the walking, drinking lots of water, and using the breathing appartus they give you religiously. Thnking of you today and wishing you all the very best.

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The long wait is over and you're on to recovery.  Looking forward to hearing about your uneventful surgery.  Take care and remember....rest, walk, rest, and walk some more.


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Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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Hoping the surgery went well for you.

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and walking and feeling that each hour is bringing you closer to your normal self.   Sending healing thoughts from down under in New Zealand. 

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