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Follicular lesions with low to moderate risk of filling neoplasm

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Hi everyone, I am new here. I hope and pray all your hardships be eased. I am 44 year old female with good health maybe. In regular check up my dr. found this thyroid nodule, had ultrasound and FNA done in april 2013.  My thyroi U/S shows right lobe enlarged and hypoechoic, well circumscribed nodule. After days and weeks of research, I am very confused still on my FNA report. Dr said to follow up yearly, I have not been there since. I am hopeful this is just a regular FNA Dx but I want some feedback from the real people who have first hand knowledge of matter at hand. Dx says that "Findings are consistent with Follicular lesions with low to moderate risk for Follicular neoplasm" . I don't know if this falls in suspicious category or indeterminate??? Due to limited finances and no insurance, I am tooo careful to even visiit a doctor. Please guide that if I need to go and get checked again now or it can wait if not an issue. But if you guys suggest going and seeping a professional then would a endocrinologist or oncologist be best so he can finally clear the confusion and I can get off the edge. I am anxious to get some kind replies. Thank you in advance Y'all for your kindness and time. PEACE.

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